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  1. It's free, like Wise Disk Cleaner, Wise Registry Cleaner, and the other useful tools of wisecleaner.

    The pro version offers other features, but you are not obliged neither to buy it nor to register it.

    Pro features:

    - system cleaner section: big files manager

    - system tuneup section: context menu (Handling/managing)

    - privacy protector section: privacy eraser

    - themes: some themes are available only with pro

    - automatical program updating


    (I could have forgot something)

    Hmm this looks interesting, Pro version has got good features let me try this

  2. hello bhula,


    i dont think so... but try "wise care 365 free" and use section "system cleaner --> common cleaner" but be carefull with the checked points that you pick.


    after deleting the crap, perhaps defrag your windows 7 partition.


    the next question is you laptop... what exactly is in your dell?

    (perhaps is your laptop slow while windows is defrag in the background or your virusengine is starting a scan or something else)


    I will act as you have given me suggestion to speed up my computer. Is this completely free application to use or i have to use it as trial and then register

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