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  1. My PreFetch folder is usually loaded with files and being able to clean up the folder with WDC is a real convenience.  BUT - I've discovered that two minor bugs have cropped up when deleting ALL PreFetch files . . . details upon request.  What I'd like to see is only files that are not dated today be deleted and today's files left alone, which would solve both problems.  Is this doable?




  2. Both these questions are for my desktop system running the latest Windows 10 and WDC version 8.91:


    - One of the parameters in "Common Cleaner" changes the value of the Win10 notification icon in the Systray.  Does anyone know which one this might be?


    - Often before I shut down in the evening I run the Puran Defrag in DOS mode.  One of the parameters in "Common Cleaner" changes some Puran parameter, causing the defrag to completely skip over the "Optimizing Directories" and "Puran Intelligent Optimizer" steps.  I've played with this quite a bit but have not been able to pin down exactly which item is causing this problem, although I'm fairly sure the answer lies in the "Useless Files in Computer, Windows System" group.  Can anyone help?






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