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    Hello and thanks for listening to my request. I hide and unhide several folders each day and it seem each time I unhide hidden folder it disappears from the list, so if I want to hide it again I have to browse for folders again!! Could you make it so that once you put a folder on the list it will stay there for me  to hide or unhide until I delete it from the list?  After  using an undeleted folder, it would be nice to just go back into WFH , select the folder or file from the list and hide it again without having to browse for it, just a suggestion,  Thank You  ,  johnny1




    Hi Johnny1,


    Actually, I understand your idea. I'm not sure whether most people want this feature. But I will send it to our team, if they think it is a nice idea, they will add it in next version.

    Thank you very much!



    I would also like this feature as well. It would be nice to add folders that I want to hide or unhide in the list, but not disappear after I select unhide. Maybe add a delete button next to the hide/unhide dropdown. Also if I unhide a folder and close the application, I would like the folder to stay unhidden, until I open the app again to hide it.


    Great little app, thanks!

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