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  1. Thank you, Administrator in above.


    When I say "the disk in problem vibrating for a while.. but... stopped soon", I used the data line and power line of WD HDD's.


    Finally... my Seagate HDD has gone!

    I decided to use not WFH but another way to hide or lock from others.


    I think, when I try to install WFH, it must warn me that

    "WARNING! If you install new version without unhiding files or folders in old version, you may lost your disk"



    Because I installed FREE version under my responsibility, that's my fault.

  2. Thank you for Administrator, above..

    But the problem still going on..


    1. Originally I have 4 disks.

    RevuAhn SSD 250GB (C:), WesternDigital HDD 500GB (D:), Seagate Barracuda HDD 500GB (E:), and DVD-ROM Drive (F:).

    The disk in problem is Seagate 500GB HDD. It is inside disk.


    After problem occurs, my computer cannot recognize Seagate HDD.

    So, E: drive is DVD-ROM and F: does not appear in either Disk Management window or Explorer window.


    2. I changed the power line and data line, then I pushed power button.

    Wow... the disk in problem vibrating for a while... but... stoped soon.

    Accurately, vibration stoped when my screen displays below.


    INTEL logo

    BIOS Settings: <F2>

    Boot Menu: <F10>


    3. I entered BIOS settings.

    F2 -> Advanced -> Drive Configuration

    and I can see below...


    SATA Port 0: RevuAhn_850X1S (256.0GB)


    SATA Port 2: [Not Installed]

    SATA Port 3: [Not Installed]


    So... my computer does not recognize Seagate HDD.


    I think... WFH updating without unhiding hidden folders, caused this problem.

    I am a fool, definitely... T.T



    Fast reply, I hope, please...

  3. Wow... I uploaded the image file... Thank you, xilolee!


    but maybe you cannot read the language in this image.


    "디스크" in korean is "disk" in english.


    You can see 디스크 0 (C:), 디스크 1 (D:) and CD-ROM 0 (E:).


    But before the problem occurs, there was one more HDD(디스크 2).

    It was E: drive, and CD-ROM 0 was F: drive.


    My system can not recognize the HDD(E:) whick the hidden folders are in.


    Please help me to recover the EXCEL files.... T.T

  4. Thank you for your reply... I waited so much.. T.T


    1. I don't know exactly...

        But the new version is maybe 3.21 95 and old version is just previous version... I think...


    2. I already opened Windows Disk Management, and checked out whether the disk is there... No, I can't see it...

        My Windows-7 is for korean, so I concerning you can't read korean characters...


    3. I executed WFH very frequently... almost everyday...

        But the day I overwritten new version, I did't open WFH, and I didn't hide any folder or files that day...

  5. First, forgive my poor english...


    Below, I've read a topic 

    [big Problem] After uninstall old ver, install new ver, then my folders gone!!!


    A similar problem happened to me.

    But not same exactly..

    His problem is FOLDER, and my problem is DISK!!


    I didn't uninstall old ver...

    Simply I installed new ver, and after rebooting, I cannot find my DISK which the hidden folders are in..

    Yes, I am a fool...... T.T


    My Windows 7 does NOT recognize a DISK itself, NOT FOLDER, NOT FILES...


    I seperated that disk from my computer, and attached another computer...

    But the DISK was not recognized...


    Excel files in two hidden folders are very important for me...


    What do I do...???

    Plz help... please...


    My OS is Windows 7 for Korean. because I am a Korean... of course, South...



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