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  1. Hey thanks for responding. I am using the free version, not sure if it matters to the original question? But which programs should be on at startup, off, auto, manual, etc. is a bit confusing to me whether Windows or Wisecleaner. The idea for me is allowing for quicker startups, by eliminating the programs that are not needed on startup or that run in the background. Wisecleaner suggests Windows Backup being disabled. Not sure why this would be disabled? As it is probably the one feature you would want running all the time. I must be missing something here? Or Volume Shadow Copy, another backup service, Wisecleaner suggests disabling this service also? Again I must be missing the point, whatever the point is? When you put your percurser on the service description it tells you if you disable the service, the other services that depend on the service you are disabling will not work or function correctly. So that sounds like a contradiction, to suggest disabling the service, when it should be enabled. Maybe it means the service is disabled on startup, but starts automatically when the scheduled backup is scheduled to run? That's what I don't follow? I don't think I would want to "keep" the backup settings disabled. If it says the backup service is disabled just at startup, but it runs on its scheduled scan date, then that sounds good to me. But it just says "disable", and that means what it says..."disabled". But the cleaner works pretty good. wiseuser
  2. Hey: In startup manager it lists all the programs and makes suggestions such as keep, delete, or disable. I get a bit confused like with the word "keep". Should I interpret keep to mean keep it the way it is set by Wise Care 365 [WC] or should I follow my Windows Services [WS] recommendations? If WS tells me to keep it going, but WC has that device greyed out and disabled, which one should I choose or follow? It seems WC has a lot of services in the OFF/Disabled position, when WS tells me they should be running? So kind of confused here, if WC could decipher this or anyone else it would be helpful. Thanks, Wiseuser.
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