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  1. Having to uncheck "User MRU Lists" every time WRC is run would be a pain, and not remembering to do it one time would wipe out all Run commands. However, I entered the registry entry exclusion, and that works perfectly! Thanks.
  2. I have noticed for some time now that Run commands I enter (e.g., %temp%, services.msc, regedit, etc.) are wiped out when WRC is run. I can find no setting that tells it NOT to delete these. Is there some way to prevent the program from deleting Run commands?
  3. Although I've had Wise Registry Cleaner on my computer for about 3 years, I never noticed the "1-click" icon setting. It is supposed to allow you to click it and WRC runs in the background. Only one problem: It doesn't work. Reason I know it isn't working is because after clicking it (and tried double-clicking it, too), I open WRC and run a deep scan. That scan finds lots of safe-go-delete items, which it shouldn't because the 1-click should have already cleaned them out. I have the latest version ( Is this a bug?
  4. I'm new to Wise Registry Cleaner. Installed it because of the very high ratings for it. I like what it does, save one thing: It zaps all of the 'Run' commands I've run, and would like to retain. Is there some way to exclude Run commands from Wise's registry cleaning?
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