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  1. as the title would suggest strongly to insert a module in wise care of cleaning old drivers and all their tracks ... as you know very often need to do a deep cleaning of the driver when you have problems with your video card or you have to change as well as the rest of the hardware ... I hope that in the next version there's this work that I recommend :)


  2. to further improve the cleaning of the register, a thorough work to eliminate the trace of the driver no longer 'installed on the system and file dll corrupt ... very useful boost this works for those who always updates its hardware with its drivers.

    as quoted in the past it would be useful to defragment the files ... I quote a mapping notes that before I used advanced system care, cleaning has very deep, but the program is very confusing for options and tools that I find confusing and superficial, especially the function of various Optimisation of the system, wise ones have fewer features and more concentrated with a wild simplified graphic not that the various system optimization ones are almost similar to the product iobit,so great wise :)

  3. I am happy to help :) ..The program shows very well and does a good job, in addition to the advice already given memory improvement in cleaning the junk files and registry and repair missing DLL,for future projects do not recommend to integrate a spyware scanning as do many super utility, I find it useless and superficial

  4. Hello everyone I am a new user Italian, for many years use Advanced SystemCare and I was fine in his work, I must say that from version 5 onwards have added too many applications confusing.

    your program Wise Care 365 is much more intuitive and easy screen with the right apps to use.

    the program and very good and is working without a council to improve the engine cleaning junk files, especially that of the register strengthening it.

    last advice and add the application to fix DLL.nessun such program I offer this service in the various integrated suite of optimization ones pc

    greetings to all: D

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