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  1. Ok as I see it it does not support the latest iOS and the new iPhone 7/plus. I have the iPhone 7plus and iOS 10.1.1 with the new iTunes Guess it is not going to work for me tell it is updated.
  2. Now I get this when I run the program. I have the latest iTunes that came out today. Version
  3. Do Wise iPhone Care support iOS 10.1.1?
  4. Ok, check out the forum. Shane has posted the version that was use and the reg file from your program you can get to take a look to see what was removed. Hope this helps you out.
  5. Welcome. Looks like it was the version that was use right before version 3 came out if that helps.
  6. I asked on the from what the version was that they use so it will help you in making the program better.
  7. Check this out. http://www.tweaking.com/forums/index.php/topic,2104.0.html Hope this gets fixed in Wise Registry Cleaner and Wise Care 365. Thanks
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