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  1. Not update program from version 3.58 to 3.59.

    Loading proiskhodt proshram then closes when starting manual version 3.58 is old and immediately upgraded to the latest offers up to 59, and so the circle.

    My system windows 8.1 update 3 with WMC.

  2. Hey Slimus,

    In version 3.24 we change the auto-update mode. Now, the latest version is 3.25

    Could you please have a try, install v3.24, then update to 3.25

    Thank you!

    Действительно опять начал работать спасибо. А в чём била причина??? в х64 OS.


    Really started to work again thank you. And what was the reason ??? in x64 OS.

  3. Не работает пробивал даже на портативной версии авто обновление проходит и програма закрывается после чего не автоматически не открывается как положено,а когда я запускаю ее в ручную программа остаётся той версии.которая была до обновления.


    Does not work even tried to refresh in a portable version runs and the program is not locked then automatically opens as expected, but when I run it manually program will remain in that version.
    that was before the upgrade.
    Thank you.

  4. Might be time to consider moving the wise*32 to wise*64 so those of us on 64-bit system could take advantage of multi-core and multi-task scan at the same time. For the update it works and then it doesn't I too have manually push the update through.


    Похоже вы правы сегодня специально поставил windows 7 без сервис пака x32 сборка 6.1 7600 и программа обновилась даже с бета версии wise 365 v 3.11 > 3.2.3


    It looks like you are right now specifically put windows 7 without service pack 6.1 x32 build 7600 and the program is updated, even with the beta version wise 365 v 3.11> 3.2.3

  5. А где мне взять портативную версию когда у меня даже обычная не обновляется как мне сделать рабочую портативную? если не сложно? дайте ссылку. Спасибо.


    And where can I get a portable version when I have not updated even regular how do I make a working portable? if not difficult? give the link. Thank you.

  6. I.e. (I didn't understand), does the same problem appear also with the portable version?

    А разве портативная версия с авто-обновлением??? насколько я знаю что портативная версия автоматические не может обновлятся приходится скачивать вручную каждый раз.



    Is a portable version with autoreload ??? I know that the portable version of the circuit has to be updated can not download manually each time.

  7. Интересно что в моей системе не так на Xp Работало и щас работает, а вот на 7-8-8.1 работало но перестало работать. и сейчас каждый раз надо вручную переустанавливать.



    It is interesting that in my system, not on Xp Runs and works right now, but at 7-8-8.1 worked but stopped working. and now every time you need to manually reinstall.

  8. I don't read Russian you need to have it translated for us. Your having so much trouble with this software. What happens if you install V2.91 in there. Do you have all this issues? Actually V2.23 is floating around that one doesn't have a lot of baggage but doesn't clean so well though. I am having trouble with the app locking up or hangs for a long while before it does a task. They need to come out with 64-bit as 32-bit is slower and you can't run other programs. Like it locks down the system. There is another issue with my online game where wise tray even though it removed still  does a peek-a-boo on me like pops in and out!


    This software should be programmed to clean the system at idle instead of a schedule. Also it needs to scrub the RAM have this feature automatic. I still have use other programs to clean-up the RAM. 


    Founded solution to the problem that I encountered what I was doing 
    Manually moved the files from the folder C: Users \ Artyom \ AppData \ Roaming \ WiseUpdate 
    In the folder where the program was installed originally Wise Care365 in my case it is C: program Files (x86) \ Wise \ Wise Care 365 
    But the question is that every time I do have to.
  9. Нашол решение проблемы с которой я столкнулся что я делал

    В ручную перенёс файлы с папки С:Пользователи\Артём\AppData\Roaming\WiseUpdate 

    В папку куда изначально была установлена программа Wise Care365 в моем случае это С:program Files (x86)\Wise\Wise Care 365

    Только вот вопрос это мне что каждый раз делать придеться.


    Founded solution to the problem that I encountered what I was doing

    Manually moved the files from the folder C:\Users\Artyom\AppData\Roaming\WiseUpdate

    In the folder where the program was installed originally Wise Care365 in my case it is C:\program Files (x86)\Wise\WiseCare365

    But the question is that every time I do have to.

  10. Не помогло.

    It did not help.




    Не удается найти "C:\Program Files (x86)\Wise Care 365\WiseCare365.exe".Проверте, правильно ли указано имя и повторите попытку.


    Windows cannot find "c:\program files (x86)\wise\wise care 365\wisecare365.exe". Make sure you typed the name correctly, and then try again.

  11. Both the XP, 7 and 8.1 are they running a Genuine Copy,  Licensed and Activated Microsoft Windows Muti-language OS? Selected Language is Russian correct on all 3 OS?

    Все 3 ОС лицензионные язык русский хотя покупались в Украине так как я живу в Украине.

    После установки ОС активировал их потом поставил wise.


    All 3 OS license although Russian language in Ukraine were bought since I live in Ukraine.

    After installing the OS activated then put them wise.

  12. не помогло проблема та же и главное что она есть даше в том случае когда я утановил windows 7 (чистая без каких программ ставлю вайс обновляю до последней версии и всё он не запускается пишет что ярлык не исправлен и предлагает удалить ярлык) как я и ранше писал писал что проблема только на новых OS на Xp все работает как и раньше.



    did not help the problem is the same thing that it is Dasha in the case when I utanovil windows 7 (clean with no programs put vais I update to the latest version, and everything he does not start writing that the label is not corrected and offers to remove the label) as I wrote ranshe wrote that the problem is only on the new OS on Xp everything works as before.

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