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  1. I was explaining my friend that you can't delete the "....." folder.Thus i tried to delete the "...." folder.
    I tried the wise data recovery tool but you can see in the picture that it's displaying that the hidden files
    are lost but i tried to recover one of them but it didn't play.

    But in the other picture of glairy utilities disk analyser, you can see that all the hidden folders are
    there. Please help me. Can't you improve the wise folder hider like "kaka soft advanced folder encryption"
    software, it display the hidden folders in other pc's and other virsons of windows.

  2. Hi,   sorry for bad english


    I have used this programme to hidden a directory on a usb harddisk.


    i don't do window. i hide the files in my lappy with windows 8 pro on hdd . then i connect the hdd in the desktop pc

    i tried to delete the .... folder , then when i connect hdd  in my lappy i found no hidden folder in wise folder hider

    hidden in my hdd but i can see the hidden folder hidden in my other drives on my lappy.


    i tried every thing as i reinstalled the software & put the same password but found nothing.

    i tried to install the software in  other lappy with same hardware & put the same password but found nothing.

    i can see the folder with glairy  utilities disk analysis but i can't cut or copy them .

    please help me , there is 380 gb data hidden  in hdd.

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