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  1. Settings now give "C" or "F" option but there is no temp gauge,?.Is it there and how do you activate it if it is there.??
  2. Removed both folders on Monday night, ran pc check and common cleaner on Tuesday, everything fine, windows updates still there, must be that I didn't restart computer after v2.97 update.
  3. I excluded the 2 folders after update v2.97 and it now works fine,so will leave as is and see if anyone else has this problem,if no one does then I will delete folders and try again.PS thanks for your quick response,very impressive. I used pc checkup and common cleaner. I cleaned etc. directly after download of update to v2.97 maybe I should have restarted computer before clean,??.
  4. I have Wise Care free at the moment and I am having the same issue,i hope this can be sorted,i don't want to have to uninstall Wise Care.
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