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  1. Hi, Could you please send us the screenshots for windows showing error and can't do anything with action center for further help. And zone alarm security level setting higher may cause disconnection problem of Linksys wireless network adapter,so please try to lower the level. Thx!
  2. Hi, The following reasons may lead to run the program you want on desktop , 1. You are running other programs 2. There are many programs running with Startup,and they will take out many system resources. We suggest you can turn off some unnecessary programs by the steps: run Wise Care 365----System Tuneup---Startup Manager---both "Startup" and "Services"---- off the unnecessary programs.
  3. Hi, The reasons below are why it is very slow when you are opening page. 1) your computer use many rams(check you rams that used)(Ctrl+Alt+Del) 2)you never use a disk clean up or never clear cache 3)you have an active programs that need a big internet speed below the ways to make you speed increase 2)decrease your rams that used(close a APPC that need many rams) 3)close an active programs that need big internet speed
  4. Hi, Could you please type the error message content to show us for further help. Thx
  5. Hi, Please offer more details of you problem, and with screenshots if possible. Thx.
  6. Hi, We suggest you can contact with customer service of GRT Data Recovery.
  7. Hi, I believe the backup task that you have got corrupted somehow and is causing this issue. I suggest you try the following: 1. Go to task scheduler (run taskschd.msc from RUN dialog OR from a command-prompt) 2. Navigate under Task Scheduler Library->Microsoft->Windows->WindowsBackup folder 3. Delete AutomaticBackup task 4. Delete Windows Backup Monitor task 5. Try to re-configure file backup In case you do not find these tasks in task scheduler UI, suggest doing the following: 1. Open an elevated command-prompt 2. cd %windir%\system32\tasks\Microsoft\Windows\WindowsBackup 3. del AutomaticBackup 4. del "Windows Backup Monitor" 5. Try to re-configure file backup
  8. Hi, the following are our suggestions below, 1. click “Start"---input " services.exe "in search box--- find out all Avast services---start them and change its startup type to Automatic 2. restart your PC to check if the problems are fixed. 3. to re-install the Avast is recommended if it is failed in fixing your problem. Thx!
  9. Hi, You can try as the following instruction, Open Internet Explorer, then using one of the corners shrink the Windows to a smaller size (bear with me here). Then close IE. Open it again, this time it should open in it's last state, the smaller size. Now expand the Window using the corner again but do no use the maximizer button. Again, close IE and relaunch it..it now should take up the full screen without being 'maximized'. Now right click a link and select to 'Open in New Window'.
  10. Hi, The problem you mentioned caused by the following reasons below, 1. Your net speed is slow, 2, There are too many people are watching the same video at the same time
  11. Hi, The following are the methods to solve your problem below, 1. run Wise Care 365--PC Checkup--click "Custom Checkup "--"Security Projects"--tick off the item"Check the availability for Windows Remote Desktop Service Connection"--OK 2. 2008 server: Start menue--input "services.msc"--double click "services.msc" on top--seach an item named " Remote Desktop Service "and double click--modify "Startup type" as "Automatic" 3. 2003 server: Start menue--input "services.msc"--double click "services.msc" on top--seach an item named "Terminal Service " and double click--modify "Startup type" as "Automatic" 4. all the work finished please restart computer.
  12. 您好, 建议您那一直按住最左边那个调节显示器亮度的键,持续保持几秒钟就好了。
  13. Hi, We suggest you can visit https://www.google.com/accounts/recovery/ to have a try.
  14. 您好, svchost.exe 是服务的启动进程,建议您用Aid禁用第三方服务试试。
  15. Hi, Please disconnect internet and delete the strange administrator account, then reset your administrator account password. And run the anti-virus program to scan and kill Trojans.
  16. Hi, Could you please show us are there any failure reminders .
  17. We suggest that to reset IE settings to their defaults. Your problem probably has something to do with the IE settings. To reset your Internet Explorer settings, Open Internet Explorer Select Tools from the menu bar (if you’re using IE9, press and release the Alt key to display the IE menu bar Select Internet Options In the Internet Options dialog box, click the Advanced Tab Click the Reset… button at the bottom, in the box that says “Reset Internet Explorer settings”
  18. We do suggest you express your problem in your mothertongue for further help.
  19. Did it happen when you tried to install, update, started a program or file?
  20. Print spooler directs and stores print information from the CPU to the printer. If it is not working or giving some error, then:- please try the steps below, Click Start=>Settings=>Control Panel=>Administrative Tools=>Component Services Click Services (Local) Scroll down to print Spooler Right Click--properties--- make it Automatic
  21. Could you please offer more details about your problem ?
  22. Could you please express your problem and offer more details in English?
  23. Hi, We have two suggestions to you, 1. Please change another link to download the file you need. 2. If it doesn't work please check the internet connection speed of your computer.
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