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  1. The STOP 0x0000007B error will always appear on a STOP message, more commonly called a Blue Screen of Death (BSOD). One of the errors below or a combination of both errors may display on the STOP message: "STOP: 0x0000007B" "INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE" The STOP 0x0000007B error may also be abbreviated as STOP 0x7B but the full STOP code will always be what's displayed on the blue screen STOP message. If Windows is able to start after the STOP 0x7B error, you may be prompted with a Windows has recovered from an unexpected shutdown message that shows: Problem Event Name: BlueScreen BCCode: 7b Cause of STOP 0x0000007B Errors STOP 0x0000007B errors are caused by device driver issues (especially those related to hard drive and other storage controllers), viruses, data corruption, and sometimes even hardware failures. If STOP 0x0000007B isn't the exact STOP code you're seeing or INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE isn't the exact message, please check my Complete List of STOP Error Codes and reference the troubleshooting information for the STOP message that you are seeing. How To Fix STOP 0x0000007B Errors Note: Some of these steps may require you to access Windows via Safe Mode. If that's not possible then skip those steps. Restart your computer if you haven't already done so. The STOP 0x0000007B blue screen error might be a fluke. Did you just install or make a change to a hard drive controller? If so, there's a good chance that the change you made caused the STOP 0x0000007B error. Undo the change and test for the 0x7B blue screen error. Depending on what changes you made, some solutions might include: Remove or reconfigure the newly installed hard drive controller. Startup with Last Known Good Configuration to undo related registry and driver changes. Use System Restore to undo recent changes. Rollback hard drive controller device driver to version prior to your driver update. Verify that the SCSI chain is correctly terminated, assuming you're using SCSI hard drives in your computer. Incorrect SCSI termination has been known to cause STOP 0x0000007B errors. Note: Most home computers don't utilize SCSI hard drives Verify that the hard drive is properly installed. An improperly installed hard drive could cause STOP 0x0000007B errors and other issues. Verify that the hard drive is configured properly in BIOS. The STOP 0x0000007B error could occur if the hard drive settings in BIOS are incorrect. Scan your computer for viruses. Certain viruses that infect the master boot record (MBR) or boot sector can cause STOP 0x0000007B errors. Important: Make sure your virus scanning software is updated and configured to scan the MBR and boot sector. Update the drivers for your hard drive controller. If the drivers to your hard drive controller are outdated, incorrect, or corrupted then the STOP 0x0000007B error will likely occur. Note: If the STOP 0x0000007B error occurs during the Windows setup process and you suspect that the reason is driver related, be sure to install the latest hard drive controller driver from the manufacturer for use during the installation of the operating system. Note: This is a likely solution if the second hexadecimal number after the STOP code is 0xC0000034. Change the SATA mode in BIOS to IDE mode. Disabling some of the advanced features of SATA drives in BIOS could stop the STOP 0x0000007B error from showing up, especially if you're seeing it in Windows XP or during a Windows XP installation. Note: Depending on your BIOS make and version, SATA mode may be referred to as AHCI mode and IDE mode may be referred to as either Legacy, ATA, or Compatibility Mode Note: While not a common solution, you may also want to try the reverse - see if IDE mode is selected in BIOS and if so change it to AHCI, especially if you see the STOP 0x0000007B error in Windows 8, Windows 7, or Windows Vista. Run chkdsk on your hard drive. If the boot volume is corrupted, the chkdsk command might repair the corruption. Important: You'll likely have to run chkdsk from the Recovery Console. Note: This will likely be the solution if the second hexadecimal number after the STOP code is 0xC0000032. Perform an extensive test of your hard drive. If your hard drive has a physical problem, one very likely situation is the STOP 0x0000007B error you're seeing. Replace the hard drive if the diagnostics you complete suggest that there is a hardware problem with the drive. Run the fixmbr command to create a new master boot record. A corrupted master boot record might be causing your STOP 0x0000007B error. Note: This will likely be the solution if the second hexadecimal number after the STOP code is 0xC000000E. Clear the CMOS. Sometimes the STOP 0x0000007B error is caused by a BIOS memory issue. Clearing the CMOS could solve that problem. Update your BIOS. In some situations, an outdated BIOS could cause a STOP 0x0000007B error due to incompatibilities with a hard drive controller. Update the hard drive controller's firmware if possible. Just as with the BIOS in the previous step, an incompatibility could be causing the 0x7B error and a firmware update from the manufacturer may correct the problem. Repair your Windows installation. If you've just replaced the motherboard in a computer without reinstalling Windows then this will likely fix your problem. Note: Sometimes a Windows repair will not fix a STOP 0x0000007B error. In those cases, a clean installation of Windows should do the trick. If you haven't just replaced your motherboard, a Windows reinstall probably will not fix your STOP 0x7B issue. Perform basic STOP error troubleshooting. If none of the specific steps above help fix the STOP 0x0000007B error you're seeing, take a look at this general STOP error troubleshooting guide. Since most STOP errors are similarly caused, some of the suggestions might help.
  2. Hi there, If you or a little one flipped your laptop display and you are freaking out. Stop… Don’t worry you can flip it right back to where it is supposed to be with the following hot keys: Ctrl-Alt-Up – right side up Ctrl-Alt-Right – 90 degrees Ctrl-Alt-Down – 180 degrees Ctrl-Alt-Left – 270 degrees (If that doesn’t work try Ctrl-Shift-R)
  3. Hi there, Are you still complaining about short life of the laptop battery? Stop complaining please and let’s know some tips using that you can increase the life of the laptop battery. 1. Eject all the devices if not in use like USB, Pen Drive etc. 2. If you used the CD/DVD for data storing, avoid it. Use your hard disk to store the data. CD/DVD takes more power. 3. Off your Bluetooth, Wifi, and other sharing options. 4. Clean the battery terminal regularly. 5. Lower the brightness of your screen to the lowest level you're okay with. 6. Avoid using the background programs. 7. Use laptop in cool place or have an AC to keep the laptop temperate cool. 8. Hibernating is better than standby mode on a laptop.
  4. What should you do when you forgot the password to login to windows system? Ask an administrator to reset the log on password for you. If you yourself are administrator, and you can't remember the administrator password, the problem get a little tricky, and probably hard to recover the "forgotten password" again. Before you search for recovery CD or Windows DVD to format and reinstall Windows onto the computer, here a few solutions you can try to unlock the windows to gain access to the system again, at least by resetting the password Method 1: Take a rest, and try hard to remember the forgotten password Sometimes, human being is a little weird. You won’t get the thing that you urgently need. So have a coffee, take a snap or even come back after a few days, you may found that you suddenly ‘remember’ your Windows password. Method 2: Try No Password Administrator Login Backdoor In Windows XP (not Windows Vista as Administrator account is not enabled by default), there is built-in Administrator user account, that has administrative credentials, enabled by default, and without any password to protect the account from been access. If you didn’t change this Administrator’s password, then try to sign in to Windows XP without password. Method 3: Reset password from another user account with administrator credentials If you cannot log on to Windows by using a particular user account, but you can log on to another account that has administrative credentials, follow these steps on how to do the trick: Log on to Windows by using an administrator account that has a password that you remember. You may need to start WinXP in safe mode. Click Start, and then click Run. In the Open box, type “control userpasswords2″, and then click OK. Click the user account that you forgot the password for, and then click Reset Password. Type a new password in both the New password and the Confirm new password boxes, and then click OK. Method 4: Do-It-Yourself (DIY) third party recovery tool 1. Login to a computer that can link to Internet. Download Windows Password Unlocker 4.0 and decompress it on that PC. Note that: there is a .ISO file. Burn the .ISO file to a CD. 2 Get out the newly created CD and insert it to the locked computer. 3 Re-boot the locked computer and then follow the process of instructions. Just a few steps, the old password was removed.''' 4. Setting new password: Step one: Open the "Control Panel" Step two: Click the "User Account " Step three: Select the account you wanna to set a new password. Step four: Click "changing Account " and "set up password", then fill out the form as listed. Click "Create Password".
  5. Hi there, Sometimes the biggest problems have the easiest fixes. According to support technicians, the lion’s share of issues are due to an incorrect system clock. The problem is probably with your computer. Website security certificates sync up with your computer’s clock. Old computers in particular run the risk of having a dead CMOS battery—the watch battery in your computer that keeps its system clock ticking. Click the clock in the system tray and select Change date and time settings to correct any issues.
  6. Please do as the following instructions and screenshots below, 1. Please run Registry Cleaner---System Restore--click on the item dated with your issue happened---Restore 2. Then run Registry Cleaner---Start Scan(only scan, not clean)---right click any items---click "Export to "---save and send the report to us for analysis.(Fonts only taken as an example)
  7. Hi there, If you didn't uninstall Wise Reminder and download, and install it again, you can do as the following instructions and screenshots below to get your reminders back. 1. Download and install Wise Reminder first 2. Press "Win"+ "R" 3. Input %appdata% in the box ---click "OK" 4. Find out the folder named "Wise Reminder" 5. Find out a file named "ws_rmind_data.dat", 6. Run Wise Reminder---Restore---Restore the file named "ws_rmind_data.dat"
  8. Hi there, We are taking an example as Google Chrome Cookies to show you . You can do as the following instructions below if you want to keep the cookies you want. 1. If you don't want to delete all your Chrome cookies run Common Cleaner---Find "Traces in Computer"---click "Surf the Internet"---unmark "Google Chrome Cookies" 2. If you only want to keep some cookies, run Common Cleaner---Find "Traces in Computer"---click "Surf the Internet"---click the grey arrow ahead of "Google Chrome Cookies"(needn't unmark "Google Chrome Cookies")---right click some cookies---just click "Ignore this item"
  9. Hi there, a. We'd like to tell you that the page shown after running Wise Care 365 , the items named “Clean History” contains the quantity Wise Care 365 does clean, includes number of Registry errors, Traces ,Privacy issues and Trash size. b. Of course trash container is getting larger along with cleaning times, but not means they are more trashes in your computer. So please don't worry about that, it's normal and just a history of cleaning. Thanks!
  10. Hi there, The following are reason and suggestions below, 1. Wise PC Engineer is the predecessor of "Wise Care 365" , we are not sure Wise PC Engineer and Windows 8.1 are compatible ,for Wise PC Engineer is out of maintaining. 2. We do suggest that you can download Wise Care 365 , the license used for Wise PC Engineer works for Wise Care 365 as well. Thanks!
  11. In order to facilitate users from different countries all over the world, we supply the transfer temperature unit service. Please do as the following instructions below to transfer “C” / “F” if it is necessary. a. Right “Wise Care 365” icon b. Click “Open file location ” c. Open the folder named “languages” d. Open the file named”English.ini” e. Press “Ctrl+F” f. Input “weather” and mark “Direction” with “Up” or ”Down” g. Find out “Weathertag”=F” h. Change “F” to “c”(must be lowercase letter c, not C) i. It won’t be changed until your next reboot
  12. Hi there, You can do as the following tips for keep from inputting Email. 1. Please input your right Email address as used for registration. 2. It is much better to copy and paste your Email than manual input. 3. Please assure that there must be no “space” both ahead of and after the Email address. Thanks!
  13. Hi there, If your licence is a renewed one, you do not need to register again, we just prolonged your previous licence key for another new year. So please rest assured to use the present Pro one. The pop message for asking renewal won’t disappear until next Wise Care 365 version updated. Thanks!
  14. The reasons are following below, 1. Tasks that PC Checkup does are only a part of Registry Cleaner could do, so that you got errors after Registry Cleaner's scanning. 2. It is better to use both of them .
  15. Hi there, Could you please express yourself in English for further help, and show us more details of your problem ,meanwhile screenshots are preferred if possible.Thx
  16. Hi there, Please show us more details and screenshots are preferred if possible for further help. Thx!
  17. Hi, To run some tasks or load a page slowly may be caused by the following reasons below, 1. Other programs are running at the moment. 2. Your internet speed is slow. 3. There are many programs running with Startup,and they will take out many system resources. We suggest you can turn off some unnecessary programs by the steps: run Wise Care 365----System Tuneup---Startup Manager---both "Startup" and "Services"---- off the unnecessary programs.
  18. Hi, Could you please send us the screenshots for further help. Thanks!
  19. Hi, Could you please send us the screenshots for further help! Thanks!
  20. Hi, Could you please send us the screenshots for further help. Thx!
  21. Hi, Could you please show us the screenshots of your problem for further help. Thx!
  22. Hi, To solve the problem as the error showing you, to update your Graphics Drivers and install them again. Thx!
  23. Hi, Please show us your problem details and screenshots are preferred for further help if possible .Thx!
  24. Hi, If you receive Windows Update error 80070003 while checking for updates, you need to remove the temporary files that Windows uses to identify updates for your computer. To remove the temporary files, stop the Windows Update service, delete the temporary update files, restart the Windows Update service, and then try to check for Windows updates again. Thx!
  25. Hi, We do suggest that you could contact with the free online movies site for further help.
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