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  1. I don't read Russian you need to have it translated for us. Your having so much trouble with this software. What happens if you install V2.91 in there. Do you have all this issues? Actually V2.23 is floating around that one doesn't have a lot of baggage but doesn't clean so well though. I am having trouble with the app locking up or hangs for a long while before it does a task. They need to come out with 64-bit as 32-bit is slower and you can't run other programs. Like it locks down the system. There is another issue with my online game where wise tray even though it removed still  does a peek-a-boo on me like pops in and out!


    This software should be programmed to clean the system at idle instead of a schedule. Also it needs to scrub the RAM have this feature automatic. I still have use other programs to clean-up the RAM. 

  2. Can you go into that folder and run wisecare? Sounds like their is error in your registry for for file locations link. I had this same issue prior build V3.16.  If you can launch it form the folder then you need to make a new shortcut on your desktop from the folder to fix it. Now if the system still tells you no such program. Uninstall wise then reboot system. Then re-install it. 

  3. Hi tipstir.

    I have updated to the latest version now (3.21.279 from about window, or 3.2.1).

    When I do it, I click custom, check for updates, it says that a new version is available and asks me if I want to update it now.

    I click yes and everythink works. (win 8.1 x64, update 1)

    Did you try it?


    Instead, are you talking about custom, settings, general tab, check for updates: daily?


    When I use to start Wise365Pro, it would prompt me and show me the most current update without manually click on Check For Updates. Now not doing that.. 


    I've adding the new DLL file for LiveUpdate just have to wait to see if it works? 

  4. Today 8.12.14, I didn't know there was a new update as none of systems here reported there was. I had ran the update manually on WPRO 8.1 and found  it was released 4 days ago W365-3.2.1 Pro!  So the Auto update is not working on neither of my Systems running Windows 7 U-64 bit and Windows 8.1 Pro-MCE 64-bit.. Since running the update on this machine which was still buffered in my Router cache, the other systems now are running the updates. So it's either on the Wise 365 Update Server back-end or something else on the Wise 365 side. Prior 3.18 updated on all systems but not 3.2.1 without a push. 


    Still no support for Evernote and Paint.net apps.. Those are needed by me and I a sure others use these two. 

  5. 1. Win XP pro x32 

    2. Put on chitso system without ativirusa and so put itself on Win 7 well upon this already have a problem though tolok system installed and they are no longer what it was not put in addition to Wise.

    Both the XP, 7 and 8.1 are they running a Genuine Copy,  Licensed and Activated Microsoft Windows Muti-language OS? Selected Language is Russian correct on all 3 OS?

  6. Problem is only on windows 7 and 8-8.1 on windows Xp no problems from a friend and he saw no problem spetsiplno put auto update works as before.

    Thanks for translating..  Now on to your issue. 

    What are you running on 7 and 8.1 that's is different than XP. 


    Is the XP Pro or Home Edition?

    I run Wise Care 365 Pro on 7 and 8.1, they all update fine. But your using different AV and Firewall software. 


    There is conflict on your systems then. Are you running as the Admin on your systems or your set as the Admin. 


    Удалял правильно через оф ремувы не помогло что при KIS что при Nod32 что при WD не чего не менялось .Даная проблема у меня возникла после версии 2.99 чистая установка программы не решает проблемы ставил новую ось не помогло на Win 7 та же проблема, а вот на  Xp ставил там все прекрасно обновлется с авто-обновления.


    Deleted right across the office remuvy did not help that the KIS that when Nod32 that the WD is not what has changed.

    Danae problem I came up after a clean install version 2.99 of the program does not solve the problem posed new axis does not work on Win 7 have the same problem, but on Xp put everything perfectly obnovletsya with auto-update. 


    You need to translate what you quote to me in English. Thanks in advance.

  8. How about this PC Checkup does check and clean. Why can't we have that take care of everything.


    Registry Cleaner

    Common Cleaner

    Advanced Cleaner

    Memory Optimizer

    Defrag HDDs


    Even if PC Checkup is suppose to take care of these manual task, I find running these 5 an additional steps.  Wise Care should runs these also. Super Clean Feature. Still have these features as you are now but a Super PC Clean for those who want it taken care. 


    I run Microsoft Media Center 24/7 on this laptop PC where I am typing this from. There is bug in DRM know bug but they never fix it. I wrote a small script for it. If this could be added to a function of Wise 365 would be excellent. Thus I don't have to run when I get DRM error under Netflix.


    The old code is not needed because new code wipes out what's in that folder that gets corrupted in time. I just showing both codes. See attachment called MCE Fix.txt


    Also one more thing if we can incorporate and remove all adware cookies that seem to get past most browser cookie guards would be ideal. I can provide such data. See attachment called Bad Cookies 2014.txt and Bad Cookie 28 - 2014.png.

    MCE Fix.txt

    Bad Cookies 2014.txt


  9. так kis14 не находил в нём вирус так само как и eset nod32 у меня он просто не запускается автоматом после обновления как это было раньше. Я не могу понял в чём проблема.


    so kis14 not find a virus in itself so as eset nod32 me it just does not start after upgrading machine as it was before. I can not understand what the problem is.


    Prior to V3.18 under V2.xx with Wise 365 Pro were you ever able to update the program. If so what has changed since then on your PC. Security software like KIS and Norton Suites have to be removed by other software because they're like a root they lock on to your system. That's why I don't use such programs. MSE add-on for Windows 7 and it's now called Windows Defender in Windows 8.1. That does a good enough job. All any one needs is Windows Firewall companion to help with outbound traffic or software that is calling home bound. 

  10. The following scans have been made with virustotal.com, jotti.org and virscan.org:


    virustotal - wisecare365.exe (portable)


    jotti - virustotal - wisecare365.exe (portable)

    (clamAV reports PUA.Win32.Packer.Exe-2 - check this topic for further informations: clamwin forum - Abt Pua.win32.packer

    I.e., it's a false positive)


    virscan - wisecare365.exe (portable)

    (rising marks it as suspicious... I think rising is more suspicious than wise care :D)


    virustotal - herdProtectScan_Portable.exe


    jotti - herdProtectScan_Portable.exe


    virscan.org - herdProtectScan_Portable.exe

     No issues with me I was just point out the fact of FPS with this software from other AV scanner vendors. Just takes one bad apple to spread. Of course Wise 365 is clean on my end and I am sure others too. But if KIS shows this as issue then it won't allow Wise to update. Just too many software that is on the up an up like wise is getting a bum rap. 

  11. KIS showing false positive with Wise engine. I found this with other software that detect malware and shows that wise is malware, but it's FSP it's false positive. The software that reports this is called HerdProtect. I'll post a screen shot to show what is doing. Plus it use all 68 AV engines in cloud base. So it uses KIS AV Scanner also. Might be why KIS is giving this user issue with Wise Update.  Like they're give you red flag. I don't have this issue with MSE from Microsoft. 




  12. Sounds like to me the system and the KIS your using is conflicting with Wise 365. Have you tried another PC with out KIS 2014 running on it. Plus your on Windows 8.1 there. I have Wise on my Windows 8.1 that had prompted me to update it no issues. But I am not using KIS. But you need to see if another PC that's not running KIS can run the update for Wise 365. I can't say your ISP is blocking the update is another matter to consider. Something else can try is to boot the system in safe mode but allow network functions. See if it updates?


    How long has this problem been going on now? Has Wise 365 ever updated? If it has what has changed on your PC prior to these issues. Frankly I can't say you can completely disable any features in KIS since that app has very tight security protocols that take over your system completely. I see your on 8-core system too. Do you have anything else running on the background for file access on that system that might interfere with Wise 365 Update process? 

  13. I am showing that in v3.16 it's not completely accurate in when it comes to Disk Defrag. See the results side-by-side. One is 64-bit portable Defrag Program next to it is the V3.16 reports. Also I've posted a full report to show what is not be counting in by V3.16.


    HDD size is 1TB.


    Prior WC365 versions were more accurate in the results. So something changed?  Is the Disk Defrag taking into account for CHKDSK C:/F? System would need to reboot to do a Check Disk or a boot to defrag mode instead of running it within Windows. MFT Defrag / Optimize should be done also.



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