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  1. I've narrow those down to daily issues to these System Tuneup.


    PC Health (daily) under Windows 7 64-bit


    clearing windows page file to speed up PC Shutdown

    What's happen apps don't close and the system hangs 


    To fix as to be run as admin every time to shutdown the PC when Wise Care 365 triggers this line

    Of course now I have disable the above trigger to cause all of this extra  over riding.. 


    Run as the Admin 

    taskkill /f /im ccc.exe (amd)
    taskkill /f /im mom.exe (amd)
    taskkill /f /im KHALMNPR.exe (logitech)
    taskkill /f /im setpoint.exe (logitech)
    taskkill /f /im wmpnetwk.exe (microsoft media network shares)
    taskkill /f /im wisetray.exe (wise care 365)

    boost the speed of aero peek display

    This one above most other programs have this disabled, but why is Wise Care 365 always en enabling it back. This is optional to enable. I don't see much speed boost enabling it. 


    Wise Tray is always running even if I disable it just popup on it's own.

    This one running on it's own showing up where it shouldn't be. Don't say it's needed for the app to run correctly. Yes I can understand that when the app is running. I expect it to be out of memory when I shut it down on Exit. Still turns up later. 

  2. Did you run the System Cleaner - Registry Cleaner (Deep Clean)?

    This does not work on network drives, network folders nor shared network pc locations.

    iTunes I have that also but it runs off shared drive on my NAS so Wise Care can't work with P:\C4\itunes network locations so when you save locations with itunes Wise Care Registry Cleaner will remove those key areas from the registry. 

    This should be fix or offered in Wise. 

    Right now use the Wise Restore to restore your issue. 

  3. Hello tipstir,


    I cannot account for why some programs recognize your CPU as having 4 cores and others recognize it as having only 2; however, I can tell you that your 4 core CPU is quite different than an Intel 4 core CPU because Intel CPUs have 4 true cores with dedicated resources for each core; whereas, your CPU has 2 modules (with 2 cores mounted on each module), and each module shares a variety of common resources. BTW, the Passmark rating system identifies your CPU as having 2 cores with 4 logical processors (similar to Intel hyper-threading). In summary, I don't think that Wise is unique in the way they are identifying your CPU but that is just my opinion.


    Also, good luck with your speed discrepancy issue.




    I've been during this since late 70's to  current. K6, Cyrix 6x86, 386, 486, Intel with processor speeds. But my question was reporting on the AMD-A8 is true 4 cores. But with all these SoC - CPU/GPU on chip there is where most software CPU analyzers get confused. 


    AMD A8 Series Next Gen CPU with Turbo Boost Specs from AMD

    CPU-Z Reports


    Can't care compare Intel CPU with AMD they're not same company product. Intel calls there Next Gen Turbo Boost Tech. Both companies sport all sorts of GHz speeds. Rated 3.4GHz base but also ranges from 3.2GHz to 3.49 with the Turbo Boost. So the Range various.


    Dual core and Quad core are not the same. My older AMD Phenom X4/X64 9850 2.5GHz Black Edition Southbridge just as fast on the AMD A8 Net Gen Turbo are. 


    Anyway software CPU/GPU detection software should be able to see the CPU as 4 core if Windows does. Still why other software does it because they are programmed to support CPU features like Next Gen Turbo Cores. Everything that doesn't will just show CPU as Single or Dual Core. 



  4. Sorry, current version of wise care 365 does not support to clean network shared drives.

    No that's not what I saying. Not to clean network folders or drives, but if you save a file on them the Registry Cleaner doesn't support files saved on network drives letters so the location of them in the registry will removed by wise care then. So that issue is for file allocations then.  So Wise Care only for supports the local PC file allocations. 

  5. Network Share Drive Letters. If I save a file to my network shared drive letter it shows up as issue under WC v3.2.2 but this is on going. Is Wise Care products supported network shared drives, folders and files. I don't save anything to my C: everything goes to the NAS (network attached storage devices) I mapped drives and folders access. 


    Example I save file on drive P and V3.2.2 reads it as issue as it said there is no such drive letter under Registry Cleaner.

  6. Just ran Wise Care 365 V3.2.2 on Windows 8.1 64-bit and did Registry Defrag. All looked good until Windows 8.1 booted-up there was a red tag on the Network Icon.




    Under PC Setup there is no options for NETWORKS only one Add VPN and that's it. 


    Under Metro UI


    Network (none)


    None to View


    There is no option to revert back. Under Registry for NetworkList Profiles in there are entries marked in red. I did a look in MediaList but all are marked in RED and the system won't let me change anything in there even as Admin. 


    There is internet connection I was able to connect to Home Network Shares and Face Book for example. But I couldn't change Network Name nor Description Name. Like it can't read the network I am on. Locked into Private. So now I have to do a 



    Last restored point is 8/18/2014


    So now issue is fixed.. 


    But whatever you do don't run WCv3.2.2 Registry De-Frag on Windows 8.1 until it gets fixed, otherwise you'll have to do a SYSTEM RESTORE as the Registry gets corrupted! 


    Note: Ran also on Windows 7 64-bit no issues. 

  7. Flag in the system tray has a red mark, you should take care of that. LAN is off line too. Other than that.

    What does Wise Care say for Start-up apps your loading. Look under Startup Manager.  

    Your system system is 4GB.

    Try using MicroSDHC Class 4 or 10 with 16GB. Then activate Ready Boost to help your system performance. If you can add additional 4GB to bring that i3 up to 8GB would be a lot better.

    How large is C: originally? 

    Those other drive letters did you partition your C: into other drives letters?

    Download Super Anti-Spyware and run a Complete Scan on your system

  8. Я не менял не чего просто я не знаю как решить по другому эту проблему.


    I did not change is not something I just do not know how to solve this problem differently.



    I've added the English version to your message above in quote  so I can understand what you are saying in your own  type and for you to understand me I've added Russian translation of what I've type...  Wise developer needs to run Wise Care on Russian Test PC and see how it installs and functions. That's what I would do as a programmer/developer that's what I am also. Got to test the program out on all various PCs. See how it installs and updates if it works right. Plus Windows 7 and 8 are much different than XP because, with 7 and 8 they made it differently to handle other regions. 


    Я добавил английскую версию на Ваше сообщение выше в цитате поэтому я могу понять, что вы говорите в вашем собственном типа и для вас, чтобы понять меня, я добавил русский перевод того, что я типа ... Мудрый разработчик должен запустить Wise Care на российском Test ПК и посмотреть, как он устанавливает и функции. Это то, что я хотел бы сделать в качестве программиста / разработчика, это то, что я тоже. Получил протестировать программу на всех различных ПК. Посмотрите, как это устанавливает и обновления, если он работает правильно. Плюс Windows 7 и 8 значительно отличается от XP, потому что, с 7 и 8, они сделали это по-разному обрабатывать другие регионы.

  9. Я вас не понял?


    I did not understand you?


    From Microsoft


    The AppData folder contains app settings, files, and data specific to the apps on your PC. The folder is hidden by default in File Explorer, and has three hidden sub-folders: Local, LocalLow, and Roaming.

    • Roaming. This folder (%appdata%) contains data that can move with your user profile from PC to PC—like when you’re on a domain—because this data has the ability to sync with a server. For example, if you sign in to a different PC on a domain, your web browser favorites or bookmarks will be available.

    • Local. This folder (%localappdata%) contains data that can't move with your user profile. This data is typically specific to a PC or too large to sync with a server. For example, web browsers usually store their temporary files here.

    • LocalLow. This folder (%appdata%/…/locallow) contains data that can't move, but also has a lower level of access. For example, if you're running a web browser in a protected or safe mode, the app will only be able access data from the LocalLow folder.

    The apps themselves choose whether to save to the Local, LocalLow, or Roaming folders. Most desktop apps use the Roaming folder by default, while most Windows Store apps use the Local folder by default.

    • We don't recommend moving, deleting, or making any changes to files or folders in the AppData folder. Doing so could make your apps run poorly or stop working entirely.

    What I was saying this Apps Data is System files you change issued But it might have open up a can of worms, meaning more issues may or may not be the results of your actions. 

    Are you using roaming profiles on your system. Is more than one person logging into the PC. Wise team should add current user or anyone using the PC can access Wise this is another optional option when you install 

    Wise Care 365 Pro. 


    As to the Auto updates it's near miss or a hit. Just manual up the software, could be on your end or on Wise end. I ran into this yesterday one PC did update, where one did, another one wouldn't update on Auto either that's makes too.

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