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  1. I have been using Wise Care 365 for about one year now. During that time, it appears that changes have been made to the algorithm that computes the time that will be required for the computer to boot up. Before my most recent re-load of my operating system which is Windows 7, the Bootup Booster was consistently computing the boot up time to be 24 to 25 seconds. Since I re-loaded the operating system last week and re-installed Wise Care 365, the boot up time projected by Bootup Booster has been between 44 and 52 seconds. I have disabled every item in the start up menu that I can. And the readings have been about the same. Does anyone have any insight into why there has been such a big change in the boot up time computations, or have any suggestions regarding what can be done?            

    Hey if I could just add a few things here...Windows itself has a built in feature called Superfetch and prefetch.  What these do is increase your performance over time by caching common start up files and programs that you run, and also strategic placement on the hard drive for faster access.  This post is a couple days old, so you probably already have seen improvements by now.  Also you may want to check what options you have for the following: goto add/remove programs then "turn windows features on or off"  make sure there are no additional features which you do not need.  By default you may find certain things that you didn't have before.  Get your service packs and get fully updated with windows updates.  Then if all is working good, set up wise cleaner to get rid of service pack back up files.  I have never used those backup files, and I delete them the next day.  Make sure you have a clean setup in device manager, with no exclamation points ! on any devices !.  Red X's are bad too M'kay.  Make sure ALL drivers are installed for your hardware.  Then it's just running the system for a few days all the while tweaking your system to the max if you want...Too many tweaks to continue on here, but google "Most effective windows 7 tweaks" and you will find lots of goodies.  But of course, the programs here help with most of that.  If nothing else makes sense, then make sure you formatted the hard drive correctly.  You cant go wrong with NTFS..Also make sure hard drives are setup to enable write caching in device manager.  I'd go through the whole gammut of tweaks if nothing so far is working.

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