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  1. shripriya90

    Laptop Battery Failure !

    Hi, you can follow the following steps. Take out all the external devices from the laptop. Remove the battery. Press the power button on the keyboard of the laptop for about 10-15 seconds. Now, insert the battery again and restart the computer. Then, connect the AC adapter and check if your machine can detect the battery again.
  2. shripriya90

    How to speed up your PC

    I think the solution provided by the admin is the good initiative. Because processing of the system is the common problem. Many people have this query in the forums. I appreciate this advance guideline.
  3. What is the way to find out the Product Key on a non-booting hard drive?
  4. Hi, I am facing BSOD blue screen of death on my system. I am confused about what measure should I do first.
  5. shripriya90

    Laptop Battery Failure !

    I think many members give the suggestions. In case if all the measures are failed. There are chances that your battery got damaged and you have to replace it with new one.
  6. Hi, last night when I on my laptop, then it was showing the message "your hardware settings have changed. Please reboot your computer for these changes". Can anybody suggest how to overcome this issue?