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  1. I get that all the time ! lol Operating system:Microsoft Windows XP (32 bit) Service Pack 3 Firefox ... I get a log jam of 4 or 5 web sites freezing up from the tabs below *I use the EXC CTRL ATL to move the process along to unfreeze sites >.somtimes this works *Also use Shift + 2 *I also open up task manager- end task =all the sites close and then I start fresh with firefox==a restore happens Still searching for answers
  2. OK ....I looked into the suggestion of stopping and restarting files on windows management Inst.I read the Description for windows management Inst(See Attached files) Says if the service is stopped most windows based software will not function properly ......That sounds like a disaster
  3. 1 I have run scans forTrojans or viruses using avast / Anvi Smart Defender > No threats 2.I have no xp software 3.Doubtful I will upgrade at this point waiting for next year in April 4.To Scared that I will miss up the computer May just buy newer web cam or will keep searching for answers any other suggests are appreciated
  4. I have Microsoft Windows XP Professional version 2002 Service Pack 3 This is strange because the web cam previously worked on the system. I have uninstalled, clean outed system files many times and tried to re-install it again and it keeps retuning the following error: RegSvr32 fails to register “C:\Program Files\Creative\Creative WebCam\WebCam Center\CTEffectsFilter.ax Please how can I resolve this error.
  5. I went to about:config which I had bookmarked from research and noticed that the phrase u mentioned was at 40. what is strange is that I had changed that from 0 to 20 last week.However,when I went back to look because of your post it had moved back to 40 WTF ? I know this because I'm copying/pasting in text Doc.every change I make in about:config. I have reset the # back to 20 ! Thank u for your reply
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