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  1. Hi, Once starting the computer and after the complete boot sequence (i.e. the Desk is available and operational), a pop-up indicates the time to boot (in seconds). One of my friend suggested to install YAC ... and I must say that this piece of software presents similar features compared to Wise 365. So I installed side by side. Starting from "extinguished laptop" both applications indicated the "boot time". and suggest to perform some manipulation to stop launching applications and services. So here are some results for illustration purpose : YAC reported : 1 min 5 sec i.e. 65 sec Wise reported: 190 sec. This value is close to the reality (start boot time - stop once windows sings) Hence the question. What is Wise 365 measuring. Start i.e. - End i.e; and which units (sec ?) are used once looking at all start application and services .... TY
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