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  1. oldtymer

    Wisecare 3.11 update

    I had to uninstall the latest version of WiseCare365 because of all the posted problems AND it locks up on me. Defrag takes two hours and then hangs plus other problems. I will be very careful to NOT update any files from WiseCare until I see this forum saying positive things about it. How did the crew at WiseCare manage to mess up so badly? Shame on you.
  2. oldtymer

    Weather is seriously wrong.

    Thank you. I love the program!!!!
  3. oldtymer

    Weather is seriously wrong.

    When WiseCare starts it tells me how long it took to get my computer running and also gives the temperature for London England. I am near London ONTARIO. How do I change the location that WiseCare thinks I am in to the proper location?