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Wise Disk Cleaner portable


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Latest PORTABLE version is messed up, as it is not acting as previous portables.

It does not read correctly previous configuration files from version and is not 'remembering' configuration changes ('Common Cleaner' selections, drives in 'Advanced Cleaner', ...).

It is also 'filling' data in folders '%APPDATA%\Wise Disk Cleaner', '%APPDATA%\Wise Utilities' and '%APPDATA%\Wise Euask' and sometimes creates new file 'Types.lst' in folder %APPDATA% instead of using one in program folder.

There could be some other problems, but I did not investigate further because I went back to version


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Dear user,

Sorry about that. The portable version will only read the configuration files (Config.ini) from its own installation folder, it will not read the previous software's configuration files. The Types. lst file in the AppData folder exists reasonably indeed, which explains the Advanced Cleaner's Advanced Settings, you can open it with Notepad. 


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On 5/7/2024 at 9:24 AM, wisecleaner_admin said:

... The Types. lst file in the AppData folder exists reasonably indeed,...

Yes it is needed, but it should be located in program folder, like all other configuration files in portable version.

That file is placed in program folder in latest version, but ...


Latest PORTABLE version is also not remembering selections in 'Common Cleaner', for example 'Oracle VM VirtualBox Manager'.

Even if it 'writes' in config.ini:


OracleVMVirtualBox =1

On next run it is unselected. Maybe problem is in space ' ' written before '=' or something else.

I tried to remove that space with no result. Program again ignored selection and changed that by inserting space before '='

It also does not remember selected drives in 'Advanced Cleaner', for example only drives C:\, D:\ and E:\ are selected:

Locations=Local Disk(C:\; D:\; E:\ )

But on next run all attached drives are automatically selected, and in config.ini line is automatically changed to:

Locations=Local Disk(C:\; D:\; E:\; G:\; K:\; L:\ )

This time I used 'clean' configuration files from ZIP portable version and completely configured again.

I'm forced to use latest portable version which does not have mentioned problems.

Otherwise I have to configure it completely on every new run.


Again, did not check all other settings because this was enough for me not to use this version.



Exactly same problems are with PAF version (11.1.1 and also new 11.1.2) from 'PortableApps.com' https://portableapps.com/apps/utilities/wise-disk-cleaner-portable

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But now I've noticed that latest PORTABLE version is ignoring file 'Types.lst' located in program folder, and is creating new file in %APPDATA% folder.

Not any subfolder.

Should I open new ticket, because for me, it is related to same problem with portable version handling configuration files?

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