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How to Importing EML Files to Office 365 Account?

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I used Wise program uninstaller to uninstall my unnecessary apps but due to my mistake, my email application got deleted. But I was lucky that I had backed up my data in EML format. But now I have to take my .eml files to my Office 365 account, but I am not getting any solution for this, if anyone has a solution, please suggest me.

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Convert EML to PST

Launch Windows Live Mail and Windows Explorer.
Open the EML file folder in Windows Explorer.
To make both of them . Keep both the Windows open.
Now, drag all the EML files from the Windows Explorer and drop those files in the messages folder in Windows Live Mail.
Now, in Windows Live Mail go to File tab then select Export and finally click on Email Messages.
Now, choose the option Microsoft  or Exchange and finally click on OK button.
Then, the Microsoft  will start in the background.
Now, click on the “Selected Folders” button to select the files folder which contains the EML files.
Finally, click on OK and Finish button to complete the migration process.
After that the user can see all the migrated messages in Microsoft .


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