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No registration code for WFH Pro when I bought WiseCare during Halloween Sale 2015


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Hello guys.


During last Halloween Sale I bought lifetime license for Wise Care 365. As it was stated on your website I was supposed to get free WFH Pro license. But I did not received it.


I wrote 2 emails to you via contact page but you did not answered. For 2 weeks! An no - it did not went to Spam box. I dont have one:/


Can you help me?


My order numer was: 3D5BVGA-AGLHEE

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Hi zastawka.

Re-try re-sending an email to: sales AT wisecleaner DOT com (AT = @ and DOT = .)

By the way, I think they won't reply you before 32-37 hours from now (not before Monday at 3AM-8AM o'clock, European/Italian time), then add a couple of days of waiting.

If you won't receive a reply to your email or here (usually wisecleaner_admin reads here, but who knows), let me/us know.

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Thanks xilolee.


Hey zastawka,

Thanks for choosing wisecleaner.

The Holloween campaign has two parts, from Oct. 17th to Oct. 23th, user buy any type of wise care 365 will get WFHPro as a gift (the price is a little higher than 50%); from Oct. 24th to Nov. 2nd, user buy wise care 365 won't get WFHPro. You purchased it on Oct. 31th, so you can't get the WFHPro for free.
Thanks for your understanding.

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wisecleaner_admin : Actually when I was buying your software I really close investigated your offer. Sorry. There was no such statement. Or maybe it was really well hidden. Unfortunatelly advertising page with Halloween Sale does not exist anymore, so I cant prove it. But I will remember next time when will think about buying any of your products.


xilolee: Nope. It did not work:/ But many thanks for your help.

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