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  1. Thanks for answering my last question. And thanks for solving the problem of using idle in Windows 10. I guess one gets for what one pays for. Free=free. I'll look for a paid piece of software that works.
  2. Thanks for the explanation. So, what this means is... if I have an email client that checks for email every 5 minutes (cpu usage 13-14% each time), the idle task will never run its course. Right?
  3. I just wish that a Wise administrator would reply to my initial post. I think I've layed out the problem correctly. The idle-only setting doesn't work and if it did, how would it overcome all of the Windows activity in the background?
  4. Hi, Thanks for your response. The task is indeed listed in in the Task Scheduler but under conditions: nothing is checked nor stated.
  5. Newly installed, I've set autoshutdown to load at startup and configured it to activate a shutdown after 1 hour idle, primarily to secure the PC if I leave without shutting it down.. Now, if my email client checks for mail every 10 minutes, there will never be an idle time. Which is a problem! To further test this, I turned off the email and any other utilities that might be running. But, Windows itself does its insidious little things in the background, some of which cannot be stopped. So, Autoshutdown based on idle time won't work. What's the solution, if there is one? Thanks for your help. Solane
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