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    Vaughnpelp reacted to xilolee in Feature requests/Suggestions: Wise Registry Cleaner missing features   
    The top-right X problem seems to be already fixed in the last version, 9.15.589.
    This also seems a bug: [bUG WinServer2012] Registry cleaner crash file association (click)
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    Vaughnpelp reacted to CMC in Cannot backup "Full Registry"   
    Cannot backup "Full Registry" and receive error message that the file at C:\documents and settings\ <My name>\Local settings\temp\fullreg.rbk cannot be exported, error writing file. It writes it the rbk in the temp folder but, cannot export/re-write it and deletes it from the temp folder. Have not tried restore backup and don't need to. But cannot export .rbk and save it as .reg?

    It backs up the changes to registry when cleaning as they are listed in the restore option but, NO full registry backup.
    The question remains, why doesn't it just write the backup as .reg file along with the other backups in the same folder and, why it cannot export it from temp folder to where the file needs and should be?

    Any idea? winxp sp3
    Thanks in advance
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    Vaughnpelp reacted to leonard5185 in Why no uninstall?   
    I just installed Wise Registry Cleaner, but noticed in the Windows Start Menu that no uninstall option is listed (commonly done) (?)
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    Vaughnpelp reacted to xilolee in Feature requests/Suggestions: Wise Registry Cleaner missing features   
    Hi all!
    I would like to see some new features of WRC:
    1) Regarding the installed version of WRC (scilicet the uninstaller version): DON'T REMOVE c:\users\user-name\appdata\roaming\wise registry cleaner\backup folder and the files in it.
    2) POSSIBILITY to select/tick/tap/check all found problems in a section and ignore them in one click.
    Better: select part of the entries to ignore and ignore them in one click.
    3) POSSIBILITY to ignore all sections in the custom area (at the present we need to select at least one section)
    4) Command line parameter to defragment the Windows registry ONLY.
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    Vaughnpelp reacted to xilolee in Bug reports (Wise Registry Cleaner released version ONLY)   
    Problems of the current release (9.34.605):
    Custom area: replace the scan button with the save button, to save the choices, because when I click the top-right X, the choices won't be saved.
    You fixed this problem in release 9.15, but it returned in the current stable release
    I don't know when this problem returned.
    I'd also prefer its previous location (bottom-left corner). Auto-adjust columns (when double-clicking the column cursor) doesn't work.
    I can't remember if this worked in previous releases. Tooltips don't work, when the "value name" and "key name" columns are "stretched" (i.e., always).
    They worked in previous releases.
    I don't know when this problem returned. When I open WRC portable, %AppData%\Wise Euask folder is created (and it shouldn't create it, or at least it should create that folder inside WRC folder). Some entries didn't show the description.
    I had got these three entries without a description (but probably I deleted them, because now I don't get them any more):
    HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\CLSID\{D1219BD5-B542-4ab7-82CB-C89DDA9F3768}\AppID= The register window doesn't show all the strings (but the tooltips work, at least).
    "Contact us" isn't translatable.
    If possible, enlarge the entries.

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    Vaughnpelp reacted to naxo in Problema avvio   

    Scusate la collocazione ma non ho trovato il modo dove inserire la richiesta di email

    Ho installato ieri il programma WiRegCleaner
    ma stranamente oggi non riesce ad avviarsi correttamente.
    All'apertura ricevo questo messaggio di errore:
    Wiseregleaner: WiseRegCleaner.exe _ impossibile individuare un componente.
    Imposibile avviare l'applicazione specifica. framedyn.dll non è stato trovato. Una nuova installazione è richiesta.

    - Ho rifatto l'istallazione ma il problema persiste.
    - la dll esiste e si trova in C:/windows/system32
    (Se clicco su ok poi il programma si avvia)

    grazie per il possibile aiuto


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    Vaughnpelp reacted to stanleycastro01 in Help BSOD can wise registry cleaner fix it   
    Hi, my laptop crashed when I was playing NBA2k14.. It was kernel_data_inpage_error I tried running wise registry cleaner when I got into safe mode and scanned it usign MBAM no threats in the logs..

    I read that this is about the registry so i ran wise registry cleaner. I restarted got into the desktop but after a few minutes it froze then bsod again kernel data inpage error again.. Now i just finished doing chkdsk and I think no errors so far? I am thinking to run wise registry cleaner again but idk can you guys help me? Thanks 
    I have windows 8 btw
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    Vaughnpelp reacted to GtMatt83 in My PC has slowed after defrag   
    I recently installed Wise Registry Cleaner 8 to rid my registry of faulty entries.
    I have to be honest I was very impressed, however my PC was running fairly fast but I thought I'd run the registry defrag whilst I was at it.
    Now it has completed, it has slowed my machine dramatically, that my bootup speed and program start speeds are at least x10 worse. My PC booted in 45 seconds with no lag starting programs but after the defrag it takes nearly 5 minutes and programs (like firefox) which were usually instant are now take a minute or so.
    Is there a way to reverse this or solve this issue??
    Many thanks, Matt.
    P.S. my PC's stats are below:
    Manufacturer Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd.
    Model GA-770T-D3L
    Total amount of system memory 8.00 GB RAM
    System type 64-bit operating system
    AMD Phenom II X4 955 Processor
    Number of processor cores 4
    Total size of hard disk(s) 447 GB  
    Disk partition (C:) 18 GB Free (149 GB Total)  
    Disk partition (D:) 209 GB Free (298 GB Total)  
    Media drive (E:) CD/DVD   Media drive (I:) CD/DVD   Media drive (K:) CD/DVD
    Display adapter type NVIDIA GeForce GTX 570  
    Total available graphics memory 4095 MB         
    Dedicated graphics memory 1280 MB         
    Dedicated system memory 0 MB         
    Shared system memory 2815 MB  
    Display adapter driver version  
    Primary monitor resolution 1920x1080  
    DirectX version DirectX 10
    Network Adapter Realtek RTL8168D/8111D Family PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet NIC (NDIS 6.20)
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    Vaughnpelp reacted to parkd1 in Wise Registry Cleaner breaks Windows 8 titles   
    Check this out.
    Hope this gets fixed in Wise Registry Cleaner and Wise Care 365. Thanks
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    Vaughnpelp reacted to Donald1234 in registry cleaner 8   
    registry cleaner does not delete 20+ files anyone know why??/
    Operating system:Windows 8.1 (64 bit)
    System root: C:\WINDOWS
    Available physical memory: 3984 MB
    CPU: Intel® Celeron® CPU J1900 @ 1.99GHz
    Drive Info:
    C: 914.89 GB
    Internet Explorer: 11.0
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