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  1. Please do and keep me posted. I will not use WiseCare 365 as long as te issue remains unresolved.
  2. Yes, I can, provided I manually ordered Malwarebytes to update its database. When the update is automatic no warning sound is involved, just a visual notification.
  3. I hope the advances cleaner's configuration as shown in the attachment is helpful.
  4. My computer is a 64-bit HP Compaq, my operating system is Windows 7 Ultimate. I am not using a third party firewall and I have Microsoft's EMET, Zemana's antilogger, WinPatrol and Malwarebytes running in real-time. My AV-software is 360 Internet Security, also running in real-time of course but I experienced the same issues when I still had MSE protecting my system.
  5. @ Administrator Yes, I do have additional information: about a fortnight ago I carried out the tests you described above myself because I wanted to find out which part of the program was affecting the event sounds. So I used every cleaning facility WiseCare has to offer and immediately after each cleaning activity I tested the event sounds. Just like you just found out: the event sounds were still functioning properly. Every time it was only after a reboot the problems presented themselves. It is my understanding WiseCare does part of its cleaning work at boot up. I suppose it is here that the damage is done.
  6. @ wisecleaner_admin I think I had better make a clear difference between system sounds and event sounds: there is nothing wrong with the system sounds, they work perfectly. These can be tested after right clicking on the sound icon in the task bar. Sometimes installed software utilizes system sounds to draw the user's attention to the program, making an alert. It is only these event sounds that do not work any more. It is as if the software cannot activate the system sounds to be used as event sounds.
  7. Until a week ago I used Wisecare 365 on a daily basis, primarily its cleaning facilities: check up, registry cleaner, common cleaner and the advanced cleaner consecutively. The reason why I stopped using the software is a simple one: I kept having problems with the program sounds which for one reason or another went mute: I am referring to the event sounds, system sounds as they are being activated by installed software, for instance the warning signal CCleaner produces when I order the program to delete a restore point, or the sound produced by Malwarebytes when it has updated its data base: all of these sounds were gone and I could not solve the problem by reconfiguring the sound settings. Unfortunately system restore would not help me out either, I really had to restore my computer using a full backup I created before, when the event sounds were still fully functional. I tried and find out what caused the problem and initially had no idea but from the moment I stopped using WiseCare 365 the problems never recurred whereas until recently I experienced these problems just about every day. I think by now I may safely assume the problems are WiseCare related. In my opinion not using WiseCare can only be a temporary solution. Generally speaking it is excellent software, not surprisingly I had been using it for many years but I feel I cannot start using the software again unless I know which part of the program is responsible for the problems I described above. Therefore I would like to ask two questions to this community: first, does the problem sound familiar to anyone and secondly, what can I do to prevent it from happening again, or, to put it differently: what exactly is it that is being removed from my computer that should have been left alone? I was using the pro version 3.45.302.
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