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  1. Used CCleaner to uninstall Wise Care 365pRO 2.98.243. That found 3 files that weren't previously uninstalled. Downloaded 2.99 and it is now working properly . THANK YOU for your help. Yes!!! Shut system down, Ran Wise Care on start-up. Everything seems to be working fine again. Nice to know someone is there to get us out of these messes. Love this software program!
  2. Yes, I am. WiseCare365 Pro, Win 7 x64, Service pack 1 Using Google Chrome, SeaMonkey, IE10 and sometimes Firefox browsers. Ran perfectly until it updated. It kept my machine running like a top. I run it daily... at least, I did. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Tried uninstall and reinstall. Same error code.
  3. I, too, just updated and getting same error code as Newbie. Invalid pointer operation. Access violation at address 006E970D in module Wisecare.365.Read of address 0000002C. I am also running Win 7 Home premium 64 bit .Service pack1 Tried uninstalling Wise Care 365 and re-installing. Getting same error code.
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