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  1. Understood. Please send scaning reports to us, we will try to check the difference between Wise Disk Cleaner and CCleaner. (Please only scan Firefox!)
  2. Thanks for your sample products. I will send it to developer team. Maybe they can improve Wise registry cleaner
  3. Thanks xilolee. Hi Wesley909, thanks for you feedback. We did many tests in 6 computers, there were only small differences between Wise Disk Cleaner and CCleaner. Can I remote to your PC to check it? Thanks.
  4. Thanks for your feedback. Yes, for security reason Wise Registry Cleaner doesn't detect HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Installer\UserData\ but Wise Registry Cleaner detect HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Installer\Folders which is safer than above registry key.
  5. I see, thanks for your feedback. we will check and fix it soon. But, in my computer, the Fan speed is correct. Which version do you use?
  6. How do you know system monitor constantly accesses the disk? Can you give me a screenshot of it?
  7. Sorry for the delay. Wise System Monitor can detect 4 devices temperature, CPU, Graphic Card, Disk, Mainboard, and you can find details on floating tab. And, the floating tab also display netword download speed / upload speed, when you connect to internet, you or system will download / upload data, the total speed includs local LAN transfer speed.
  8. Thanks for your feedback. Well, we know this bug for a long time, but didn't find a solution. Currently, "Shred file/folder" in context menu is only valid for files
  9. Sorry for the delay. I saw these invalid shortcuts stored in Windows/winsxs, the possible reason is that wise disk cleaner doesn't have enought permision to delete them or these files are protected by system, wise disk cleaner cannot delete them. You can try to delete them manyally.
  10. Thanks KNRover and xilolee. We noticed this problem, we will fix it in next update.
  11. Sorry, I can't reproduce it. I test this giveaway version, everything is OK. Is there not enough memory for system? Please restart system than try it again.
  12. hey, As I know, emmc is different with SSD http://www.differencebetween.info/difference-between-emmc-and-ssd So, when you defrag an emmc, wisecleaner won't display this message.
  13. Q: Fail to install the downloaded driver Please create a new post, provide below 3 information: (for example, display adapter) 1, The driver version you tried to install. (A screenshot is better) 2, The Device ID A. Press Win+R to open Run window B. Type devmgmt.msc and click OK to open Device Management C. Expand Display adapters and right click on it, click Properties. If you have two or more devices in same category, select the one which has problem. D. Click Details tab, then click drop-down menu to select Hardware Ids. Take a screenshot of it, this is what we need. 3, Device Model If you cannot find the device model, please tell us the brand name and model of your computer.
  14. If you have any question of Wise Driver Care, please read below FAQs. Maybe you can find the answer yourself. When you create a new post, please provide more details about your problem, then we can help you solve it faster. Q: The backup button of some devices is invalid, why? A: If the driver is provided by Windows system, Wise Driver Care won't back up it. Because when you reinstall Windows, the driver will be installed at the same time. Q: What is abnormal driver? A: An abnormal driver, it refers to you can reinstall a correct driver to fix this issue. Q: What is special software? A: It refers to some special software that Some brands of computer special features require. Such as touchpad, fingerprint identification and so on. Q: What is system software repair? A: When Wise Driver Care update a driver, it may require some special Windows components, like VC++. If the system doesn't have it, Wise Driver Care will install it first. Q: What is “1 device doesn't support the current OS”? A: For example, you have a sound card on your PC and the OS is XP system, but this sound card only supports Win 7 and later system. There is no driver for XP system. Q: When does Wise Driver Care auto create a system restore point? A: This function is only available in Pro version, and only if you click the top right Fix button. Q: Why does Wise Driver Care not list the restore point? A: Because Wise Driver Care only lists the restore point created by itself. If the driver is provided by Windows system, Wise Driver Care won't back up it. Because when you reinstall Windows, the driver will be installed at the same time.
  15. Can you give me a screenshot of it? How does it happen? when you start system? or open Wise Memory Optimizer? or click Optimize button?
  16. Hey saad, Thanks for your suggestion. As you know, Wise Disk Cleaner and Wise Care 365 are auto-cleaner, if some files cannot be deleted, they could be protected by other programs or they are used now. For security reason, Wise Disk Cleaner doesn't force delete these kind files. If you are sure these files can delete safely, you can try Wise Force Deleter.
  17. Hey roger_m, Sorr for the delay. We added a new driver for your graphic card, please try to check up again. If you don't know to select which one, please give a screenshot of the driver list. Thanks.
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