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translated from chinese
My computer is too card
My computer is very card

Operating system:Microsoft Windows XP (32 bit) Service Pack 3
System root: C:WINDOWS
Available physical memory: 1791 MB
CPU: AMD Sempron X2 190 Processor
Drive Info:
C: 50.01 GB
D: 100.01 GB
E: 151.01 GB
F: 149.71 GB
Internet Explorer: 8.0

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how to speed up your pc



Hardware configuration is too low, if you install more software, card is normal. I suggest you change a new computer now, in the usual sense of the computer up / clean-up, for you, is not obvious.

Of course, you can also be optimized according to the method of this post, there will be some effect.

how to speed up your pc

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