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[Solved - WinXP] Unresponsive Internet Explorer

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Even with disabled plug-ins, Internet Explorer 8 operating on Windows XP (service pack) pauses frequently or is unresponsive – especially Yahoo. Clicking anywhere on the page occasionally prompts a continuation.


Any suggestions?

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Hi SeeLDee,

Please try the following steps to see if your ie problem can be fixed.

1. Open your ie8 and click "Tools".
2. Turn on "Compatibility View" by checking it. If it's already checked like in the pic below, leave it as it is.

3. Then please follow the "Tools" to "Compatibility View Settings".

( Click on "Compatibility View Settings" and a small window will open as below. )

4. Check the item of "Display all websites in Compatibility View", close the window to save the change.


5. Please re-open your ie to see if your previous problem solved.


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