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PLEASE help!! me to recover my hidden files hid with Wise Folder Hider

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I've lost "EVERYTHING" after trying out this software(Wise Folder Hider)...omg...my family pictures, vacation pictures, my deceased mothers pictures, videos of my daughter as an infant. There has to be a way to get these things back. I only password protected the folders, then went to see if they were protected, and the folders were empty, EVERYTHING GONE...smh...PLEASE tell me there's a way to get these things back. Even my favorites are gone, and I have no idea how that happen, I just know I tried to password protect my a few folders, now everything is GONE. Also, one of my folders I password protected, it's now telling me:

*When I try to "open" the folder it says:

The following folder/file can't be unhidden.

*When I try to "unhide" it, it literally shows this message:

The following folder/file can't be unhidden: Pictures Error Message: Access is denied.

Can I system restore, to get all the things I had before downloading your software, then undo system restore to get back the documents I made for work after downloading your software, PLEASURE TELL ME MY PICTURES, VIDEOS, AND DOCUMENTS aren't lost forever, there has to be some way to restore what I had before downloading your software, and after I downloaded it.


PS. I just want everything back to the way it was before I downloaded the this software...smh. PLEASE HELP!!

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Hi jay2099,

Don't worry.

Can you tell me more details about it? How do you operate it?

Like following?

1, Hide folder without password, then close Wise Folder Hider, you can not see it in its original directory.

   post-45-0-90066000-1388041913_thumb.jpg   post-45-0-45513300-1388041915_thumb.jpg

2, Run Wise Folder Hider, you can see your folder is listed. Then, set password. Close Wise Folder Hider.

   post-45-0-99302800-1388041916_thumb.jpg   post-45-0-45621000-1388041918_thumb.jpg

3, Run Wise Folder Hider again, click "Open" to open your folder or "Unhide" to show your folder, it require you to type password. 

   post-45-0-96924800-1388041919_thumb.jpg   post-45-0-33964000-1388041921_thumb.jpg



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