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Can't install windows ormse updates

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I am unable to install any windows or MSE updates. Whenever I try I get one error code or a different one the next time I try.

Have tried to follow some of the suggested methods of solving the problem but all have failed.

I have tried to uninstall MSE and that also failed.

Also tried to install new version MSE also failed.

Have tried to repair the NET Framework this also failed and am now unable to turn on MSE so now unprotected.


OS windows 7. Mozilla firefox browser. Asus X5DC laptop.


I am not very computer technically competent.



Any help gratefully received.


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Hi and welcome, Wychling:)


The links in the text is directly..

Try to use Wise Program Uninstaller against MSE and select Force Uninstall if it does not work with Safe Uninstall.
I think you should take avast! antivirus instead,
you are much better equipped with avast! than MSE :)



As for Windows, I think that you should use Wise Care 365 to give your PC a shot of total cleaning :)



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