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Bubble Film for Protection and Lightness

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Who has not tried to slam bubble film with his fingers? Its playful but also practical side is worth a place in the category of packaging.

Indeed, the bubble film , also called bubble wrap , is very practical but also versatile : it allows to pack products to provide optimal protection during risky transport (removals, postal items). It also allows, in a package, stall objects to limit the movement of the latter inside the carton.

The composition of the bubble film
Made of transparent plastic, the bubble film is composed of a succession of small air bubbles, trapped between two sheets of polyethylene and spaced apart from each other. It is this bubble mat thus formed that can protect delicate or fragile objects .

Bubbles available in several sizes, depending on the level of protection to be provided: it is possible to find bubbles up to 2.5 cm in diameter! The classic bubbles, generally measuring 1 cm in diameter.

The plastic material provides additional protection when packing objects with strong static electricity: it acts as anti-static and reduces static electricity discharges.

The advantages of bubble wrap
Very compact, the bubble film rollers directly provide large strips for the user to cut himself the desired quantity. The recovered pieces are light and flexible and can be used immediately.

The box dispenser of bubble wrap wellpackeurope(.)com/bubble-wrap-rolls, is when it is very practical to pack small objects. The 30 × 30 cm pre-cut bubble sheets make moving easier.

The bubble wrap is also useful when moving wet weather as its material composed of polyethylene ensures a good seal and protects your belongings from the rain.

Tip: Are you moving and want to protect very specific furniture (sofas, tables, chairs)? Ask about the available models. Some suppliers offer bubble-paper and foam covers that are directly measured to protect your furniture. These covers provide time savings on cutting but also have the advantage of being reusable.

If you send a package by post, enjoy the featherweight bubbles to save on shipping costs. You only pay for the weight of your item, not the packaging!

The bubble wrap ... but not that!
The bubble paper comes in different formats with the same advantages as the latter: the bubble envelope is a 3 in 1 product: it sends and protects your small objects (watches, cell phones, USB sticks), and respects the environment thanks to the FSC ecolabel.

The bubble film incorporated in the kraft paper combines the two materials mainly known for their resistance. The bubble film absorbs shocks while the opaque kraft paper protects objects from light. This duo is very used to protect objects that fear light (furniture, paintings)

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