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Wise Reminder Feature Request - Add Button to accept Postpone time?

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Thank you for this utility. It is very handy.

I'd like to suggest two changes:
1) Add a button that can clicked to accept the postone time (as offered in the combo box options)
2) Remember the last postone time selected and use that when reminding again.

This is similar to Outlook's reminder feature.

Thanks for considering!

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Thanks for your suggestion.

1, Selection is Acceptation. You don't need to an Accept button. Wise Reminder execute your choice automatically, you just need to select a time from drop-down menu.
2, It can remember your last choice. For example, you select  to remind you after 10 minutes.  10 minutes later when you see the reminder window again, the postpone time is 10 minutes.

The button "Got it" means you know this task and stop reminding.

Please try it again.

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