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After installation, when you first open Wise Anti Malware, you will see this window "Initialization engine... " it is downloading engine.

Did you see it?

install engine.png



Please open Wise Anti Malware folder, normally it is C:\Program Files\Wise\Wise Anti Malware\SavEngine\

Find this file avupdate.log and send it to us.

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I had recently posted that the engine Wise Anti Malware " engine failed to start:. I uninstalled the program and downloaded it again and saved it to my desktop and reinstalled it, This time I paid closely to the instructions and waited for the "engine with its definitions to install completely  then I ran the program and did a full scan, it worked smoothly! I might add that although this program is compatible with "windows defender", you might want to disable any other malware protection while installing it. WISE PATIENCE is the KEY! 

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Same here.


Win10 x64, DEP alwaysOn, win10 firewall (blocking everything outgoing and ingoing, just port 80 and 443 for the program), Win10 defender, Heimdal security pro

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Hi guys,

Sorry for it.

Please try this way:

1, press Win+R, type services.msc

2, find Wise Anti-Malware service, right click on it and select Restart

3, when the service status change to Running, open wise anti malware to check it the engine works well


If restart service cannot fix this problem, please uninstall current file and REBOOT system (DO NOT forget this step), then install the latest version.


If you tried above methods but still get same problem, please send these 2 log files to us:

C:\Program Files\Wise\Wise Anti Malware\svr.log
C:\Program Files\Wise\Wise Anti Malware\SavEngine\avupdate.log

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