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Are you in need to split large PST file into smaller part but failed to decide the right way for you? Here in, you should try our advanced Split PST File Tool. Apart from splitting large sized PST file, this software has various other features. When MS Outlook slows down its process due to large size of PST file, the Split PST File software performs better and breaks large size PST files by date, year, size and folder. This remarkable software help the users to work with many versions of MS Outlook as well as it is compatible with different versions of Windows.


For 24 x 7 free technical assistance and unlimited access, you can also buy full version from here.


Product Link - http://www.recoverfilesdata.com/split-pst-file-tool.html



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To split PST file into multiple parts, you can try few easy manual tricks which require no 3rd party software or any other cost. You can use some built-in features and functions of Microsoft Outlook client for transferring mailbox data from one PST file into multiple new PST files. You can use either Archive, Import & Export, and Move to Folders here. For more information, you can read this blog post:- http://migrateemails.com/split-pst-file-manually/

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