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Best tour of Himachal pardesh in india

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Himachal pradesh states provide different kind of experience to tourists and different kinds of people visit Himachal with different kinds of needs when it comes to tourism in Himachal.We wish every visitor of Himachal a memorable stay. To furthet promote tourism in Himachal,Himachal have many famous places to enjoy tourism in Himachal and the most amazing thing is that all the places are completely different from each other and provide different kind of experience to tourists. for example, Dalhousie is the quiet most hill station in India and provides a completely peaceful stay. It is ideal to visit in summer as well as in winter here. On the other hand, we have Shimla with its famous places i.e.

If you have any questions just post your query and if you have an answer don’t forget to help the fellow travelers!

You can also access the site by clicking on the ‘Forum’ link on the top menu.

This can be accessed at :- http://tourism1988.blogspot.in/

Happy surfing!!


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