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Laptop Battery Failure !

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Hi ! Dear friends I am using Dell inspiron i5 laptop. The problem is my system is not identifying battery. the Baterry was 100% charged and now drooping 1 unit as standby position. friends my laptop battery neither charged nor works. the massage showing 'plugged in but not charging'. Please help what i should do, my laptop battery starting works? Thanks. 

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Whenever the system doesn't recognize the AC adapter, the battery WILL NOT charge.   If you haven't yet tried a new OEM Dell adapter, that's the first thing to do.  If that doesn't get and keep the adapter recognized, replace the DC power jack in the system.  And if that fails to solve the issue, replace the mainboard.

The adapter completes a charge circuit with a center wire.  If that charge circuit is not closed, the battery WILL NOT charge, even if the adapter powers the system.

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Sometimes charge gets stored in capacitors that affect power follow. So try these steps it might help you.

  1. First, you need to switch off your laptop and remove your battery. 
  2. Unplug the power cable as well.
  3. Now press the power button and keep it pressed for 10-15sec.
  4. Now attach your battery and connect your laptop to your charge and see your problem must be resolved.

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