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Wise Video Downloader Project Still Active?

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Ssss SO, is the Wise Video Downloader project still active?


As much as I wanted to have it be my Video Downloader of choice, especially because of its portability that allowed me to carry it in my PA.com platform in my Flash Drive ... I finally had to wave the white flag and put it on the backburner because I just kept encountering wayyy too many Forbidden Errors.


When it works, it works great.  I really like it then.   However, with having to resort to trying the 2nd, 3rd or 4th options on 50% of the videos that I try to download before Wise Video Download WILL work ... it just kills the mood.


Oh, and just in case the Wise Video Downloader project IS still active ... while you're at it, it'd be a very helpful great idea to incorporate a Video Download RESUME capability.  Because for example:  I have Dial Up Internet.  Sometimes either the connection is lost or someone wants to use the phone when a download is still not finished and well ... without a RESUME capability, I have to start the download over.  And with Dial Up, that can be an hour or hours lost just on one single video download.

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Kudos on squashing the Forbidden Errors as per my preliminary experience with the new version 2.52.  B)


Looking forward to seeing that certain problem mentioned in my e-mail neutralized as well. 


Exciting to see the progress with this project.  :)

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