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Wise Care 365 feature requests, suggestions, updated translations

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You should do this ...


Dramatically increase the status of Defrag module, update its GUI appearance and func. and speed!


it looks very ugly on that moment, now.


off-topic here:

How would you compare Wise Care 365 versus Glarysoft Glary Utilities?

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I think he probably wants something like profiles in windows xp... Removed in windows vista onwards.

An user could create more profiles, with different services configurations (see blackviper.com).

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I never used vista, so I really can't tell, but I was talking about enable/disable various services at one and save that configuration as a profile so in case of a clean os installation or similar scenarios you can enable/disable those services by applying the profile you previously saved. Its really handy and it saves time.

You can see this function in programs like advanced uninstaller where you have predefined profiles (minimal, safe, gamer) and also can create your own profiles, also there are apps that are exclusively dedicated to "optimize" services like "easy service optimizer" and "kickstart", in these cases the profiles are only predefined by the authors if I remember well, you can check them, both are free and portable.

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Hey djdanby,

1, Please open wise care 365 folder, normally it is C:\Program Files (x86)\Wise\Wise Care 365

if you are using a x86 system, the location is C:\Program Files\Wise\Wise Care 365


2, Find the file  BootTime.exe and WiseBootBooster.exe,

3, Right clik the file and select Proteries - Details, then tell me the File version.



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Hi WiseCleaner_Admin! (Ivan!)


I just want to bring again to your attention the old problem with the slimming system function on windows 7 OSs.


When using the slimming system, some files will be marked as missing/deleted/corrupt by MS SFC tool (sfc /scannow).

Hence the guys that help to fix SFC problems will put a bad reputation on your programs (all of your programs, the entire company).

Given that I think that's not fair, I suggest you to fix that problem...


Topics that show the bug:




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