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Explain the occurrence of four seasons with love wallpaper.

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One year from the name bowl seasons. Each season, the soles of color and flavor cả chứa of life. If you feel Slowly sẽ có hiểu all words thay writing up the mood Heart wallpaper  . Besides the natural beauty of the seasons am also make our own identity. Always nice nobody can explain a mystery có. As we all know, every year there are four seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter. According to the calendar, the spring begins on Equinox (23/3) to the summer solstice day (23/6), the summer from the summer solstice to the autumnal equinox (23/9), the fall from the autumnal equinox to the winter solstice ( 22/12), finally the winter from the winter Solstice to Equinox. Where does this earth has 4 seasons so? And why the temperature is different to that?

The cause of this phenomenon is due to the Earth's axial tilt. Earth at an angle 23º27 us' versus the vertical axis (erect shaft axis is perpendicular to the plane of movement of Earth around the Sun), so in the summer, the northern hemisphere getting more light than , whereas in winter is less than the received light. So if so, would winter in the southern hemisphere summer will be hot like? The story really is so, the concept of monthly season as we generally use only the right in the northern hemisphere alone, however, because in the Northern Hemisphere is home to many human activities all, should schedule ( something humans created in the course of daily life) will follow the Northern hemisphere. We can point past civilizations since ancient times such as Mesopotamia, Egypt, Greece and Rome, China, and many other civilizations (such as the Red River civilization of our example) . According to meteorologists, the mean summer is defined as the months 6, 7, 8 in the Northern Hemisphere, and June 12, 1, 2 in the Southern Hemisphere. The delimitation of the start of the season is not clearly defined, such as the summer, according to meteorologists, the date chosen because it was 1/6 days ... started in June is the first month of summer, astronomers also select day 21/6 (Summer Solstice) because that is the day that the North close to the tropical sun. But then choose which day time period is also the most sultry citizens for the northern hemisphere, and they start drinking iced tea every afternoon or start summer picnic sad wallpaper

If you notice a little, it'll last longer summer winter (approximately 92 days 19 hours compared with 19 hours for 89 days), be up to 4 days 15 hours. Where is the cause of this difference? My friends! Earth and the other planets, all orbiting the sun on each orbit is not circular, it is oval, with the sun lies near 1 of 2 oval heart of it. And the interesting point is that when the earth moved to remote areas is also the time the sun started summer in the northern hemisphere, so the length of the path of the earth at that time will be a little longer, taking 4 days 15 hours that I just mentioned above. Similarly, a longer spring and autumn too (you familiarize yourself how much longer counted as offline). The maximum distance is called aphelion, when the earth about 152 million Km sun, while the shortest distance called perihelion, and the distance is about 146 million km. love wallpaper  But, listen closely, saw a paradox, is why the summer in the northern hemisphere to take place on the earth from the sun at the most? Not as far from the sun to be cold, as close to the sun is hotter stars? In fact, the weather affects the distance the sun than the Earth does not really matter what the weather affects the Earth tilt due cause. It sounds paradoxical, because the deviation of the distance Earth-Sun to millions Km, while the deviation of the distance from the Earth tilt only a few thousand Km is the same. But the real reason is that when the sun is shining a light on the earth, it also creates warming, caused by the Earth's atmosphere. And so, in the summer, when the earth was illuminated more (longer daylight hours at night), the Earth's atmosphere also keeps temperatures much more, creating the phenomenon of the seasons generation. Effects of warming up the atmosphere of the earth is huge, and today the industrial fumes filled, has been accompanied by the greenhouse effect of global heating. The effect of this is more hot summers, colder winters little, polar ice melt leads to many mainland sank into the sea, rain and more floods also caused by evaporating sea water and winds circulate more .




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