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I am up for renewal on my I0bit when i started using the free version of Wise Care. It is time to get one or the other. Why should i choose Wise Care over I0bit? I am just an average user who games and surfs and tweets occasionally. Can you help me to understand the differences?

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Hi sureowl. :)


More or less, the functions are the same.


The main differences are (imo):

- wise care 365 has got a portable version, iobit ASC doesn't have it

- wise care 365 has got more functions on its free version, iobit ASC have less functions available (at least, that's my impression when I see the "compare" webpage on iobit website)

- iobit has got a bad reputation, according to Malwarebytes antimalware (check malwarebytes forum and news from 2009 on news webpages, for example: cnet and computerworld)

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