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  1. if user used partitions on his HDD, then it helps on full operating system partition to transfer the Pagefile.sys to another Partition with enough space... if someone does not want to do it manually, he can use the following tool: https://support.microsoft.com/de-de/kb/826513 with download of Microsoft-Fixit-tool (1 MB)
  2. thanks a lot for your advice i will try this updates at first as in your post... and see whats the result
  3. sony

    How to speed up your PC

    after the whole cleaning session --> defragmentation of your hdd might accelerate your PC.
  4. i think i have the problem... are you able to get updates? have been updates installed in the last weeks? i have this problem on my windows 7 pc. if i let windows 7 searching for updates, my dualcore is in usage with round about 50 % but find no updates. the whole system is slow. i have set the updates-configuration from --> "Install updates automatically (recommended)" to --> "Never check for updates (not recommended)" now with the "get windows 10 for free" from microsoft are the updateserver perhaps not available for windows 7 and with standard-settings of updatessearch in works constantly in the background and the cpu usage is quite high... after this your laptop should working with "normal" speed this settings can you everytime back to default if you wish or you can search for updates with manually click on "Locking for Updates"
  5. one time a has a errorcode, but in the times i tryed updateing, the search stay with no end. i take normaly "never check for updates" and started the updatesearch manually. but in this case i selected "check for updates but time to download and install set manually" --> with 60% CPU-Use what are sfc or sur tools? i have tryed microsofts "update fixit" but the same as with the update-process... (is it perhaps with the w10 upgrade-thing for w7-users?)
  6. hello, i use wise care 365 v3.98 and in german language shows me the wrong temperature skala with Fahrenheit. i mean in whole europe there are not Fahrenheit for temperature but rather Grad Celsius! here the pic: i dont know what 83 °F is --> in ° C? =33?
  7. 35 passes? after the years of typical using and after this "cleaning session" perhaps the hard disk is ready to gone with 3 or 7 passes is also enough i think... or what you mean?
  8. hello, i have a fresh w7 pro 32 bit sp1 installed, but i cant have updates. i tryed Windows Update with --> "only for Windows" and after this --> "For Windows and other products from Microsoft Update" nothing works... i have tryed the microft update fixit but unsuccessful have anyone an idea or suggestions? ps: i have a mobile usb surfstick with slow speed (analog speed with only 5 kb/s at the time after reaching the data volume limit of 3 gb)
  9. hello bhula, i dont think so... but try "wise care 365 free" and use section "system cleaner --> common cleaner" but be carefull with the checked points that you pick. after deleting the crap, perhaps defrag your windows 7 partition. the next question is you laptop... what exactly is in your dell? (perhaps is your laptop slow while windows is defrag in the background or your virusengine is starting a scan or something else)
  10. watch out: --> many motherboards like "single-sided-RAM" example: if you want to upgrade your old pc with 2 RAM-Slots with max-size of 2 GB RAM or 4 GB or so and one slot is used (perhaps with a doublesided RAM module) --> take a single-sided module for your second RAM-Slot otherwise it may happen that the second module will not detected. in this case the settings in the post above will not help! (go to your store and exchange the wrong RAM-Modul) + with maximum-sized RAM placement not all kind of possible modules will detected and recognized.
  11. supplement: i mean, the descriptin above will deinstall this feature not only deactived it. if you set "windows-search"-service from default "automatic" to "manual" + you have available the search boxes if you want. the index-service is deactivated. --> if you want it back, set only the "windows-search"-service to automatic and click on button "start"
  12. sony

    missing german translations on v3.98

    at the mainsection "Assistance" is translated in german with "Mithilfe" but its not the right word for this, which gives the right sense. english: german: the link goes to a ask/question-page --> "Assistance" could be translated as "Hilfe" or "Unterstützung" or "Ratgeber" or "Eine Frage stellen" or something like this.
  13. sony

    missing german translations on v3.98

    in this case at the main-section: "System Tuneup" and "System Optimizer" called in german translation both as "System Optimierer" --> but this is not ok! both names are different in english and its in german too. System Tuneup --> perhaps "System-Verbesserung" or "System-Beschleunigung" or "System-Tuning" english menu: german menu:
  14. hi, here a few missing german translations on version 3.98 in section --> System Tuneup --> Systemoptimizer --> System Stability Disable automatical reboot when system encounters blue screen of death. Disable registry modification from a remote computer. (Deaktiviere automatischen Neustart, wenn der Blue Screen auftritt.) (Deaktiviere Registry-Änderungen von einem Remote-Computer.) --> System Speedup Optimize refresh policy of Windows file list. Speed up display speed of Taskbar Window Previews. (Optimiere Aktualisierungsrichtlinie für Windows-Datei-Liste.) (Beschleunige Anzeigeschnelligkeit der Taskleisten-Fenster-Vorschau.) --> Network Speedup Optimize LAN connection. Optimize DNS and DNS parsing speed. (Optimiere LAN-Verbindung.) (Optimiere DNS und DNS-Analyse-Geschwindigkeit.)