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  1. another kind of issue: System Monitor "System überwachen" -> Graphic Card "Grafikkarte" wise care 365 cant find: GPU Chip Engine Clock Memory Clock Memory Technology i have a Geforce 720M
  2. a kind of issue: if i choose the english language in "file shredder" - the headline is be in german "Vernichtete Dateien werden gründlich entfernt und können nicht wiederhergestellt werden."
  3. 4.) Privacy Protector = "Privatsphäre schützen" => "Schutz der Privatsphäre" or "Privatsphäreschutz" "File Shredder" = "Dateien vernichten" => "Datei-Vernichter" "Password Generator" = "Passwörter generieren" => "Passwort-Generator"
  4. 3.) System bereinigen -> Allgemeine Bereinigung -> Dateien des Rechners -> Windows System: "Temp Files Created by Applications" => "Temp-Dateien erstellt durch Anwendungen" or "Temp-Dateien erstellt durch Programme" "Obsolete Windows Installer" => "Veraltete Windows Installer" 3.1.) System bereinigen -> Allgemeine Bereinigung -> Spuren im Computer -> Spuren von Windows und Anwendungen: "Network Drive Mapping History" => "Netzlaufwerkszuordnungsliste" (perhaps find someone a better translation)
  5. 2.) PC-Checkup: the result bar below of wise-window... the translation is simply not translated in a good kind example: is there in english "files:" -> there is in german only "Dateien" -> not "gelöschte Dateien" Clean Record = "Reinigungsbilanz" => its ok or => "Reinigungsergebnis" Files: = "Gelöschte Dateien:" => "Dateien:" | Registry Error: = "Behobene Registrierungsfehler:" => "Registrierungsfehler:" | Traces Counted: = "Gefundene Spuren:" => "Gezählte Spuren" Privacy records: = "Behobene Datenschutzprobleme:" => "Ergebnis Datenschutzprobleme:" | Tuneup count: = "Anzahl Optimierungen:" => its ok
  6. 1.2.) title bar -> Menü -> Einstellungen -> System schützen: first - "Application whitelist" = "Anwendung Positivliste" (perhaps somebody have better translation for "whitelist") second - "Application blacklist" = "Anwendung Negativliste" (perhaps somebody have better translation for "blacklist")
  7. 1.1.) title bar -> Menü -> Einstellungen -> Allgemein: third point from above - the second subpoint "the number of traces is larger than" = "Die Nummer der Spuren ist größer als"
  8. hi fans, i have installed wisecare 365 and there are some missing german translations... 1.) after start - title bar - icon "messages" = "Nachrichten" if you click on messages there comes a window in english "Information - You have no unread message." = "Information - Sie haben keine ungelesene Nachricht." or = "Sie haben keine neue Nachricht."
  9. i have the battery problem too on my asus laptop. i have tryed all kind of tips, but not change the board or repair the powercircum or similar things... the last powerlevel was round about 75% - a good state to take out the battery and leave them anywhere. the next action was put it in the laptop after a while of time... and for a few seconds it tryes to load the battery and then abort and nothing in the end of the days i think the whole tips i read for battery rescue is bullshit - perhaps there only 2 reasons why the battery dont work 1.) the battery is gone or 2.) the charge circum is gone
  10. you can also take a look at "system properties" -> "advanced" -> "user profiles" -> "settings" (look at the second post from linkin/first pic) perhaps there are more profils as you know about...
  11. hi fans, i think you should checked the following thins on "performance options -> visual effects" (look at the last pic above from linkin) "show shadows under mouse pointer" -> better visibility of mouse pointer at the desktop "show shadows under windows" -> better visibility of windows "smooth edges of screen-fonts" -> better readablility at flatscreens
  12. if user used partitions on his HDD, then it helps on full operating system partition to transfer the Pagefile.sys to another Partition with enough space... if someone does not want to do it manually, he can use the following tool: https://support.microsoft.com/de-de/kb/826513 with download of Microsoft-Fixit-tool (1 MB)
  13. thanks a lot for your advice i will try this updates at first as in your post... and see whats the result
  14. after the whole cleaning session --> defragmentation of your hdd might accelerate your PC.
  15. i think i have the problem... are you able to get updates? have been updates installed in the last weeks? i have this problem on my windows 7 pc. if i let windows 7 searching for updates, my dualcore is in usage with round about 50 % but find no updates. the whole system is slow. i have set the updates-configuration from --> "Install updates automatically (recommended)" to --> "Never check for updates (not recommended)" now with the "get windows 10 for free" from microsoft are the updateserver perhaps not available for windows 7 and with standard-settings of updatessearch in works constantly in the background and the cpu usage is quite high... after this your laptop should working with "normal" speed this settings can you everytime back to default if you wish or you can search for updates with manually click on "Locking for Updates"
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