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  1. Robinsanshaw

    Excel to vCard Converter

    A user can also try the manual method before going to utility tool as last option. Since Exel file used to store user information inform of Row and Column format and vCard format act as Virtual Business Card File. But still, we can convert Excel file into a vCard format. For that user can use their System ( PC) or Laptop setting (method works for Windows operating system). Outlook user can follow the below link: Blog Link: How to Export Excel Contacts to vCard In this blog, discussed method applied to mostly all windows OS. So without any doubt, Outlook user can follow the above method.
  2. Thanks Jerry for the suggestion. After Searching on Web, get some easy manual solution and one of the easiest solution to convert Excel contacts to Outlook address book by using the CSV File format. As Outlook doesn't import Excel file directly, So need to save the Excel contacts into CSV format, so that using Import / Export option, an Outlook user just like me can move a large number of Excel file to Outlook Address Book. But also dealing with some problem during this procedure. Hence, try the automated free solution for this problem and after searching a lot, get a unique tool called Systools Excel to Outlook Converter. Try the tool to convert Excel contacts to view the user contacts details. Tool directly import the contacts stored in Excel format to my Outlook Contact list. Amazed by this feature of the tool. Now when I ever need to move contacts from excel sheet, use the software to save my effort and time.
  3. Robinsanshaw

    Windows BKF file Recovery

    BKF files created by NTBackup utility are always at risk of getting corrupted due to a variety of reasons which are listed as below Sudden shutdown of the system due to power outtage An interruption during the process of backup creation Virus infections due to download of malicious applications Crashing of disk sectors I would recommend using a dedicated software utility known as BKF File Recovery Tool which assists to easily repair BKF File. This software supports NTBackup BKF as well as Symantec Veritas Backup Exec BKF files and provides option to search for specific data item from recovered file.
  4. Using Window 8, While moving excel sheet data into Outlook 2013 edition, So that I can view all contacts which are stored in Excel Sheet, getting some kind of Mapping translator error. I think, following the wrong method to convert excel sheet to Outlook Contacts folder. Someone know the correct method, help me out, as lots of contacts field stored in my excel sheet.
  5. Robinsanshaw

    Upgrade ANSI PST to Unicode PST

    As we know Microsoft doesn't offer any tool to upgrade or any plugin to convert ANSI Format to UNICODE File format, but you can go for the manual method to upgrade format from ANSI TO UNICODE Format. Check this article for manually upgrade and solve PST file is not compatible error message in Outlook. Still, you are not able to upgrade ANSI File format, then you can go for an alternative solution, check out pst upgrade tool freely.
  6. Robinsanshaw

    PST password recovery

    You can use the manual method to remove password from Outlook PST File. Microsoft released a tool called " pst19upg.exe". But this tool only works earlier version of Outlook PST File support ANSI Format. If you want to remove password from Outlook data from you can go for alternative recovery tool that can use to remove the password.