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  1. KumarSandeep

    Convert edb file to pst file

    Exchange Server Database Files (EDB) Files are stored on the server and converting them to Outlook PST involves a huge process. Doing this task manually will be a complex process. Somehow, if the files get converted then the PST file will not have all the data as required. So, Using EDB to PST converter is advisable. As the converter makes the task very easy, users can enjoy several benefits with EDB to PST converter Complete Conversion: Unlike the manual method, the EDB to PST converter scans the entire server and extract the data. It is capable of getting data from corrupt EDB files. The files then can be viewed within the software and converted to PST format just by clicking on convert button. Selective Recovery: The EDB to PST converter gives users the flexibility to select EDB files in the software and search using the Find Option. This allows users to sort items on the basis of 'to', 'from', 'subject' and other variables. Select the only the items you want to convert Export EDB to Office 365: The advanced version allows to send EDB files directly to Office 365. This removes the step to make them compatible with Office 365 as the tool itself does that and can be moved directly to Office 365. Many other features like compatibility with Outlook and Exchange Server versions, Operating Systems are supported by Outlook. Download EDB to PST converter to migrate your Exchange server database files.
  2. KumarSandeep

    OST to PST Converter

    Users mainly focus to find a free tool to convert OST to PST, but there is not any tool of such kind. You can either go for the manual method or buy third party OST to PST converter. Going for manual method of OST to PST conversion may affect both the Outlook data files and thus causing more damage. So it is always better to use OST to PST converter for E-mail migration. Well as far as I used tools, I found this OST to PST converter best as it meets the current requirements and easy very easy to use. Mostly users with less technical knowledge find it difficult to use the third party tools but this OST to PST converter is very easy to use. Users can get the following benefits from this amazing OST to PST converter. C Recover deleted items after scanning Convert PST from damaged OST files Preview/ Search and Sort items on 'subject', 'to', 'From', 'attachment' basis If the converted file is of large size then split PST file in small sizes with PST splitter OST files can be exported to IMAP mail servers like Gmail, Yahoo, Exchange Server, and Office 365 Save converted file in PST, EML, RTF, HTML and other format OST to PST tool can be installed on windows 10/8/7 and it is compatible with Outlook 2019/ 2016/ 2013/2010/ 2007 and other previous versions. In this way you can easily export OST files to PST. Download the OST to PST converter and check more information here
  3. So transferring Lotus Notes to Outlook requires to convert NSF to PST. While going for the free method to convert NSF files to PST involves a lot of risk and users may encounter errors during migration. So here is a quick guide to prevent and deal with these error messages. During the manual transfer of Lotus Notes to Outlook following errors might occur Unable to Open Address Book in NSF So while trying to access the names.nsf file and address book it displays the error message. Go to settings and select the data type to transfer files. Change the settings to allow transfer of .nsf file and the error will be resolved Message Sent Without Attachments The common cause of this error is using Transporter suite for NSF to PST migration. Transporter suite allows only files of 4MB in size and thus messages more than 4 MB is not transferred including the attachments. Error 'Not Authorised to Perform this Operation' The simplest way to fix this error is to create a new bookmarks.nsf file. The new .nsf file should be created with Notes ID. This will solve the problem Hence to overcome the errors faced during NSF to PST conversion follow these steps and migrate Lotus Notes to Outlook smoothly
  4. KumarSandeep

    Recover Data from Android Smartphone

    Smartphones has become an important utility and it now serves more purposes then a mobile phone. Android smartphones are widely used around the world and they store important data. Loss of this data is unacceptable. So Android Data Recovery Tool is designed to recover all your files and folders, photos, contacts, messages, call logs, .apk files and other data. This Tool has two options Quick Repair and Deep scan. If the files are recently deleted then you can recover files using quick repair. It fastly scans the files in around 5 minutes and give you preview of files to recover them. Download the software from http://www.filerepairtools.com/android-data-recovery.html
  5. From small electrical chips to large skyscrappers AutoCAD recovery tool is used to create blueprints to design these models. The drawings designed are save in .DWG format. If the AutoCAD tool is not updated or if there is any various it may corrupt the .DWG files. To repair these files we can use AutoCAD Recovery Tool. Here are some specifications of AutoCAD Recovery Tool: Get all your deleted, lost & found objects in DWG files Complete recovery of files with accuracy Automatically detect version of files and save them in same version Gives you option to save files in DWG and DXF Format Easy to use interface Supports major versions of AutoCAD and compatible with windows With these efficient features it make the recovery process easy and faster. You can download the AutoCAD Recovery Tool from http://www.filerepairtools.com/autocad-recovery-tool.html
  6. Sent an important message to a wrong person might result in troubles especially when it is related with your project and you have to keep details confidential. In such situation you only thin of a possible solution to delete that sent mail without the person being unable to see it. Well Outlook has an option that may be used to recall a sent mail in Outlook and avoid the risk. Steps to Recall sent mail in Outlook 2016/2013/2010/2007 are: Open Outlook and Go to sent mails folder select the message you want to recall, double click on it to open the message window. Under the messages tab click on Actions and then Recall This Message Select Delete unread copies of this message and Click on OK. In this way you can delete the messages. Step by step is given at http://www.filerepairtools.com/tips/recall-sent-mail-outlook-2016/
  7. All we most concern about is the data we have in our system or mail servers. All the emails we send/receive and data we use over mail is store on server but if there is problem in server we may lose all this data. It is better to back up data for this we can use backup exchange server tool. This professional built tool is easy to use and we can create backup of all important files. The highlighting feature of back up tool is metal back up which create backup of the operating system volume and is useful for disaster recovery. Recovery From this tool is easy and you can save files in MSG/EML/PST Format that works as an email converter too. Download Exchange Server Backup Tool from here.
  8. In this digital world where all the important documents are stored in email applications, cloud services and other server drives password are used to secure content. Email application like Outlook also require ID and password to login. If a person has various accounts there might be situation he/she forgets Outlook password. To Recover lost password we can use Outlook Password Recovery Tool. Here are some specifications of Outlook Password Recovery. As we know all the information of Outlook user is stored in PST file. Outlook Password Recovery tool scans the pst file and generate around six passwords that you can used to login in Outlook. Its Interface makes it easy to use for everyone and it doesnot harm any content of PST file in recovery process. Outlook Password Recovery tool also has the option to split pst file. Thus it can be used to split large pst file in addition of password Recovery. It is compatible with major Outlook version. Download and try outlook Password Recovery Tool.
  9. KumarSandeep

    Conversion of OLM to PST

    You can manually convert OLM to PST with IMAP account. Export data to IMAP account from Mac Outlook by linking it and then import data from IMAP account to MS outlook. This method is time consuming and much more complex. Here you can use the OLM to PST Converter. This sophisticated and professionally built tool can convert all attachments, sent items, journals, contacts, outbox, drafts in .pst format. The original properties of data are maintained and you can sort and filter data as per your needs. It Supports MS outlook 2000/2002/2003/2007/2010/2013 and compatible up to latest editions of windows. You can download it from http://www.filerepairtools.com/convert-olm-to-pst.html
  10. KumarSandeep

    SQL Database Password Recovery

    If you instantly want to recover SQL database and don’t want to go for this manual process you can try this SQL Database Recovery tool for free. This tool repairs MDF & NDF files and recover all tables, triggers, indexes, keys. It’s support to MS SQL Server 2016, 2014, 2012, 2008 makes it more preferable to Database Administrators. Download it from http://www.filerepairtools.com/sql-database-repair.html
  11. Outlook has a lot of features and one of them is Contact groups. Groups in Outlook help us to share files and information with our team mates, friends. To create group in Outlook 2016 follow the below steps Open Outlook and click on Distribution list icon You will be prompted where to add contact group/distribution list Select the folder and move to home menu Click on New Contact Group Give a name to your group and then Add members Finally click on Save and then close it So this is the method by which you can create groups. Read more information and how to send mail in groups and distribution list at http://www.filerepairtools.com/tips/create-contact-group-distribution-list-outlook-2016-send-mails-group-members/
  12. KumarSandeep

    Things to Know about Windows 10 S

    Recently Microsoft announced its latest version of windows 10 edition i.e.Windows 10 S. The latest version of windows offers apps downloaded from Store, Security, seamless performance. Windows 10 S allow you to install and run apps from Windows Store providing security from other third party apps. It offers Microsoft verified Security apps and prevent system from any viruses. With Quick Start up and Microsoft Edge fast browsing it has enhanced the performance of Windows 10. You can upgrade to Windows 10 S once available. Read more about its specifications here.
  13. KumarSandeep

    Eml to PST Converter

    One of the easiest method to convert EML to PST is exporting .eml files to Outlook Open Windows Live Mail and click on Export Email Messages Select the format to export messages as MS Exchange Select Items and Folders which you want to export Click on Finish. This way you can convert EML files of Windows Live mail to Outlook PST file easily.
  14. Use Microsoft Office Configuration Analyzer tool (OffCAT) to repair MS office files. Select the office version and application to be scanned for OffCAT and found the error and solution to be fixed. Download OffCAT for free at Microsoft website. To know process to use Office Analyzer tool visit at http://www.latechie.com/fix-ms-office-errors-offcat-microsoft-office-configuration-analyzer-tool/
  15. KumarSandeep

    Opening office documents

    One reason of files not being opening in MS office is because of its error in programs and applications. To repair MS Office follow the below steps Go to control Panel and select Programs and Features option. A new window will open with all the installed programs Select MS office and click on Change In the MS office repair box select Online Repair After scan, try to open files, they will open now without any error Check steps by step process to repair MS office files