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    Shawnroums reacted to mwcats in Give-a-way of Wise Care 365 Pro   
    Major Geeks is giving away free Wise Care 365 Pro! 
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    Shawnroums reacted to xilolee in Halloween offer 2016 - 50% off   
    Hi all.
    I'm doing here a summary of the offer for present and future reference.
    From October 15th 2016 to November 1st 2016 the following offers are valid:
    Wise Care 365 PRO
    1 Computer, 1 Year license key: $14.95 instead of $29.95
    3 Computers, 1 Year license key: $19.95 instead of $39.95
    1 Computer, Lifetime license key: $30.00 instead of $69.95
    3 Computers, Lifetime license key: $40.00 instead of $89.95
    Wise Folder Hider PRO: $14.98 instead of $29.95
    Wise HotKey: $7.95 instead of $14.95
    Wise Video Converter Pro: $14.95 instead of $29.95
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    Shawnroums reacted to xilolee in Feature requests/Suggestions: Wise Registry Cleaner missing features   
    Hi all!
    I would like to see some new features of WRC:
    1) Regarding the installed version of WRC (scilicet the uninstaller version): DON'T REMOVE c:\users\user-name\appdata\roaming\wise registry cleaner\backup folder and the files in it.
    2) POSSIBILITY to select/tick/tap/check all found problems in a section and ignore them in one click.
    Better: select part of the entries to ignore and ignore them in one click.
    3) POSSIBILITY to ignore all sections in the custom area (at the present we need to select at least one section)
    4) Command line parameter to defragment the Windows registry ONLY.
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    Shawnroums reacted to WDRandolph in svchost.exe - Application Error   
    On boot up I get this error.
    I don't know if this is related but my backup program Freezes when it is almost done. It wont turn off the computer when done. It wont close by its self.

    Operating system:Microsoft Windows XP (32 bit) Service Pack 3
    System root: C:WINDOWS
    Available physical memory: 1023 MB
    CPU: Intel® Pentium® 4 CPU 3.00GHz
    Drive Info:
    C: 298.08 GB
    J: 931.47 GB
    Internet Explorer: 8.0
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    Shawnroums reacted to khfree0 in after the latest update ,the program doesn't hide the files/folders!   
    Hello  after the latest update ,the program doesn't hide the files/folders in the "Quick access" menu nor in the file explorer in the "Task bar" Thank You   
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    Shawnroums reacted to Georg in WiseJetSearch feature requests, bug reports, updated translations   
    After removing disk 3 (deleting the virtual drive using RAID Web Console 2) the problem returned. See picture.

    Diskinfo lists all my disks after B: but does not list disk B:
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    Shawnroums reacted to Latino in German language localization for WRC 9.xx   
    Futher down is an improved German language file for WRC that comprises the latest changes of the English version.
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    Shawnroums reacted to Config in Wise Disk Cleaner 8 / 9 Custom Configuration Guide   
    Dear User,
    Good news here!
    Wise Disk Cleaner 8.0 is right around the corner. In this version, you can customize the options in it as an advanced user and get new experience. Try it now before its official release:
    Below is the guide to make the custom configuration file. You are invited to tell us what you think about it and please have us informed whether anything needs to be modified. Thanks in advance!
    Changes in WDC 9.
    If you are using WDC9, and you set up Type=Custom, you will see it in here.

    Hope you like it!
    Best Regards,
    WiseCleaner.com Team
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    Shawnroums reacted to geogeo.gr in WDC Greek translation   
    Greek translation to version 9.
    Missing string "The item has listed in the exclusion list."
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    Shawnroums reacted to wisecleaner_admin in Black Friday/Cyber Monday - up to 83% off!   
    2016 the biggest promotion -- Black Friday/Cyber Monday is starting now!
    This offer will expire in 30th Nov., 2016.
    Don't miss it!

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    Shawnroums reacted to wisecleaner_admin in Wise Disk Cleaner 8 / 9 Custom Configuration Guide   
    Hey xilolee,
    I already add the explanation for Pathmatch, in Filters and Option section. please check it.
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