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    wise care 365 4.73問題

    你好,感谢您的反馈。我们也发现这个问题,应该是新的Windows更新导致的,我们将尽快解决。 我们的中文站以及中文论坛已经开通,如果您在使用wisecleaner产品遇到问题,也可以到中文论坛提交。 中文论坛:http://forum.wisecleaner.cn
  2. Hello everyone! Nowadays, watching videos on YouTube may already be a routine when surfing the internet. YouTube makes our life more colorful and enables us to watch anything we need on its website. However, sometimes we do meet the following problems there: Slow and bad internet connection? Need to watch the videos on different device? Prefer TV, iPhone, iPad or MP4 Player? It’s not smooth when watching YouTube HD movies? Really want to keep a backup of your favourite videos or music albums? Yes, you may think that if the videos can be downloaded and saved to our local devices, the trouble listed above will never bother again. We can then enjoy the videos anytime anywhere and will no longer struggle with the snail-paced speed of watching videos. Try Wise YouTube Downloader and then enjoy watching YouTube Videos anytime as you wish! With competitive quality, Wise YouTube Downloader is a free YouTube Video Downloader, which allows you to quickly search and download videos from YouTube and save them to your local device. You can easily download HQ, HD and full HD videos from YouTube with this user-friendly software. You can download it here: http://www.wisevideosuite.com Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wvs.soft Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/wisevideosuite (followup: Wise YouTube Downloader has been renamed to: Wise Video Downloader.)
  3. Hey xiolee, Thanks, we will fix it shortly. I found the reason, the language file encoding, your file is UTF-8, but the correct encoding is Unicode.
  4. No, disk defragmentation won't corrupt the hidden files/folders.
  5. WiseCleaner

    Greek language

    Thanks very much.
  6. Hey, "I mean there is no option to save or apply profiles"? Sorry, I can't understand it. Can you tell me more details?
  7. Hey Rod B, Thanks. The Lock means whether you have set up second password for this file/folder. What is the perfect hidden tool in your mind? Can't see by any other programs? It is impossible. Wise Folder Hider Free, is a free tool, just provide a simple way to hide file/folder, normally most people can't find the hidden file/folder, even if the Folder Option - Show hidden files, folders, and drives is selected. But, some advanced users can see the hidden file via special tool. We have Wise Folder Hider Pro, it provides higher security, a hidden file even if be seen via a tool, but it can't be opened without your permission..
  8. WiseCleaner

    about the disk cleaner

    Okay, can you export the scan report and send to me? I will check what files can not be cleaned. Thanks.
  9. WiseCleaner

    Problem with a widget

    Hey, If you don't want to see the floating window, you can disable it, just right click on Wise Care 365 Tray icon in right bottom Windows notification area, click Show Floating window. More details, you can refer FAQs of wise care 365:
  10. WiseCleaner

    wise care 365 4.18部分無繁體中文化

    Thanks for your feedback, we will fix it shortly. And, you can fix it manually: 1, open wise care 365 folder, normally it is C:\Program Files (x86)\Wise\Wise Care 365\Languages\ 2, find Chinese(Traditional).ini and open it 3, click File -> Save as 4, find Encoding, and select Unicode 5, click Save button 6, open wise care 365 to check.
  11. Hey bluedraft, Thanks for your suggestion. Actually, wise care 365 has already included services manager, you can see it in System Tuneup -> Startup manager.
  12. Hi All, Recently, we got some feedback about Wise Care 365, Wise Disk Cleaner and Wise Registry Cleaner can't be compatible with Windows 10. Have you also encountered the same issue? If yes, please help us to know it clearly with your screenshots and detailed steps. In return, we will free send you a license key of any our paid product (Wise Care 365 Pro, Wise Folder Hider Pro, Wise Video Converter). And the type of the key is from 3 months to 1 year according to your feedback. If you are the paid users, we would like to extend the using time of your license key. You can write to support@wisecleaner.com or leave a message here. Looking forward to your feedback, thanks in advance Wisecleaner
  13. Hey Georg, We improved WJS, please download and check it whether it can works well in your PC. (click here to download it) Thank you!
  14. WiseCleaner

    Jet Search will not work

    Hi, We have improved WJS, please download and check whether it can works well in your PC. click here to download Besides, could you please send us a screenshot as the following shows (If the drop-down list has content)?
  15. Hi, Thanks for your feedback! The directory and name of start menu shortcuts in Wise Care 365 are all default setting. Each time when you install Wise Care 365, they will take a new default configuration. And it won't use the existing configuration which is defined by the users. We will consider your suggestion. Thanks again.
  16. WiseCleaner

    Program uninstaller issue

    Which product did you use? Wise Program Uninstaller? Do you means the wise program uninstaller doesn't list all programs, only a few? The current version of wise program uninstaller only list the programs which are listed in Control Panel / Uninstall a program In Windows 10 system, All Settings / System / App & features, it lists all apps include Windows built-in apps, such as Mail / Edge / Movies & TV..., but you can't uninstall them. The uninstall button is grey. (You can't see these Windows built-in apps in Control Panel / Uninstall a program)
  17. WiseCleaner

    Jet Search support for >2TB externals

    Dear Sparktank, Thanks for your feedback. Wise JetSearch support 3 TB external drives, please see the below screenshot. The current known issue of Wise JetSearch is if the drive has stored huge files/folders (eg, a 3TB drive, but the free space is less than 1GB), when you use wjs to search something in this drive, Wise JetSearch may stops working. We are hard working to improve it.
  18. Hey xilolee, Can you tell me your system Date&Time Formats?
  19. Hey -G-ee-, Thanks for your feedback. Commonly, Win 7 upgrade to Win 10 won't effect wise folder hider (hided files, login password and second password). Did the support staff help you to retrieve the login password? If not, please open this page to download the GetPassword: http://www.wisecleaner.com/how-get-my-password-back.html Then send the encrypted passwords to my mailbox. I know you have uninstalled wise folder hider, but please help us! Thanks!
  20. WiseCleaner

    Problem with StartIsBack++ 1.0.x

    Thanks for your feedback. You can add a registry key into the Exclusion List. 1, Open wise care 365 -> Custom -> Settings -> Exclusion tab 2, Find Exclusion Registry Key, and lick Add Key 3, enter HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\StartIsBack.ImmersiveApplication\Shell\Open\Command 4, click OK to save settings. Or, you can open Registry Cleaner, and Scan, then find File Types, find this key, right click it and click Ignore this item.
  21. WiseCleaner

    Wise Care 365 3.8.3 PRO error!

    Hey jkcharlie, Sorry for the delay. I have done a test, run the Registry Defrag in Windows 8.1 x64 system. It worked well. So, do you install a third-party security product? And, thanks xilolee!
  22. Do you use the latest v1.49.77? How it happen? When you click the Start button to create the daily task? Or, when you cancel the task? Please tell me more about it.
  23. sorry, wise care 365 doesn't support location settings.