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  1. sandy11

    Email Migration Tool

    To recover the corrupt email files such as- OST, DBX, PST, DXL, MBOX, OLM, EML, EDB and NSF and convert them into another email files formats visit: Best conversion techniques of email recovery. From here you will know or learn the different simple and excellent techniques to repair or convert the different email files formats into another formats as well as you will also get to know the useful information about data recovery. Hope this information will help you.
  2. Corruption in ppt file is caused by various reasons. And to recover the corrupt ppt file data we need ppt repair software or the manual solution. But if you are the new users then first go for the manual method in which you will learn to solve errors from ppt file in safe way. If you want to learn the manual steps or want to know more details about PPT file then visit here: 9 best techniques of repairing the corrupt ppt file
  3. sandy11

    SQL Database Recovery Software

    SQL Database Recovery Software is a professional tool which repairs the high corrupt or damaged SQL database files and recovers all the crucial data from it. This tool supports the MS SQL server 2000, 2005, 2008 and higher version and is also compatible with all the versions of Windows. See more at: SQL Database Recovery tool
  4. sandy11

    Applemail to Outlook PST Converter

    Convert your large MBOX file data into an Outlook PST format with the advanced features MBOX to PST Converter Software. Below I share some of the features of MBOX to PST Converter tool- 1. Convert MBOX file into PST, EML, MSG, RTF and HTML files format. 2. Support MBOX files upto 40GB. 3. Support MBOX file of email client’s application such as- AppleMail, OperaMail, Sylpheed, Entourage, Thunderbird, Eudora, Spicebird etc. 4: Compatible with all the versions of Windows. See more at: MBOX to PST Converter Software
  5. sandy11

    Combine Multiple PST Files

    There are 2 techniques of PST file merge- first one is PST merge software and other one is manual tricks. Manual method is safe technique in which we have to follow some steps and PST merge tool is quite easy but too risky as sometime it doesn’t perform as the user’s requirement. So the best one is to use the manual technique. Here I share you blog: Manual Steps of PST merge method from where you will learn the different tips of merging PST files. Hope this will help you.
  6. sandy11

    Migrate Offline Storage Table OST to PST File

    Try the export method to import OST to PST format. This export technique is the best solution to convert OST to PST as it required only simple steps. Below I share some of its steps- Step 1: First open the MS Outlook. Step 2: Click on File tab and Select the “Import and Export” wizard. Step 3: Click on the “Export to a file” from the list and then click on the Next button. Step 4: Then, select Personal File Folder (.pst) and again, click on Next button. Step 5: Click on the parent root and check the Include sub-folders option. After that, browse and select the target folder. Step 6: Click the Finish button. To know the complete details about it and to learn more manual tricks visit: Manual conversion of OST to PST
  7. sandy11

    Combine PST Files

    Merging of PST files means to merge multiple PST files into one single PST file. With the use of this technique users can saves their time in opening PST file. Merging of PST file can be done by purchasing any PST Merge Software and the free manual method which are easily available over the internet. But as a user I will suggest you to visit the blog: Steps by steps solution of PST file Merge for safest techniques to merge PST files. In the above blog link you will also know or learn the plenty of options to merge PST files. Hope this will help you.
  8. sandy11

    Windows Live Mail EML to PST Converter

    Converting the EML to PST is the best technique to convert the entire Windows Live mail EML file into an MS Outlook PST file. There are 2 techniques to convert EML to PST, first one is the manual solution which is free of cost available in the internet and the other one is to purchase any EML to PST Converter Software. But before purchasing any software always go for manual solution as it gives the complete conversion details of EML to PST with the simple steps. So if want to know the manual steps of EML to PST then visit the link: EML to PST Conversion
  9. sandy11

    Recover Corrupt Outlook PST Files

    Are you facing any problem in opening your PST file or still looking for some better solution to repair your corrupt PST file then here is a popular blog link: Simple solution to repair PST file. From this blog you will learn or know the different excellent tips to repair your corrupt PST file and recover all the data from it without making any changes in the original PST file.
  10. sandy11

    Combine Multiple PST Files

    There are 2 techniques to merge PST file, first one is PST merge Software and other one is to use free manual method. But if you want to know the complete steps of merging PST files then use the manual solution which doesn’t need any expertise knowledge and by following its simple manual steps you can safe merge PST files into single PST file without damaging the original data of PST file. See more at: Manual technique of Merging PST file
  11. sandy11

    PST password recovery

    To remove or recover the PST file password that you have lost due to any reasons visit the link: Crack pst file password. From the given link you will know the effective solutions that can safe recovered your PST file password by simple steps.
  12. sandy11

    Offer Excel Password Recovery

    Try the Microsoft inbuilt Open and Repair Tool which is very helpful technique to repair the corrupt MS Excel file. This technique involves the simple manual steps which made easy solution for the users to recover all their data from the corrupt MS Excel file. To know the manual steps and other solutions to repair the corrupt MS Excel file visit: Manual steps of Excel file recovery
  13. sandy11

    pdf file recovery

    PDF is the Portable Document Format which is used to view, navigate, print and share the documents. But due to hardware and software failures, power failure, improper shutdown of system and viruses infection PDF files gets corrupt and unable to open until we used any recovery solution. Here I suggest you to visit blog: Excellent tips of PDF file recovery from where you will learn or know the complete details about PDF file and the simple and effective solution to recover the corrupt PDF file.
  14. sandy11

    export lotus notes email to outlook free software

    Also use the manual technique of NSF to PST that fast import all the NSF file data into PST format with the simple steps. If you wants to know the manual method of NSF to PST then visits the blog: Conversion of NSF to PST. In this blog you will learn to convert NSF to PST by using Export-Import and Setting up Co-existence manual methods. Hope this will help you.
  15. sandy11

    Migrate NSF to PST Format

    Try to convert NSF to PST using the manual tips which contains only simple steps. Below I share some of the manual steps of NSF to PST Conversion using Export and Import method. 1. Open Lotus Notes -> Mail. 2. Go to File menu and click on EXPORT. 3. In the Export Wizard select any option from Tabular Text or Structured Text format. Then, press Continue button till the process of exporting complete. 4. Click Export to end the wizard after the export process completes. To know the complete details and other manual methods visit: Convert NSF to PST