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    LAMBDA471 reacted to xilolee in Advanced Cleaner's advanced settings on Windows 10   
    Hi LAMBDA471.
    I'm sorry you've got that awful problem.
    I suspect the culprit is the latest entry *.log?, because it finds many files in vital places.
    The following list shows what it finds on my machine:
    I honestly have unticked all items with LOG in them, and *.bak (because of emule part files), since many months/years.
    I've also been very cautious with searching and deleting empty files (i.e., I did not delete them).
    By the way, the advanced cleaner is named advanced because it should be used by advanced (and brave) users.
    Someone of the staff (most likely WiseCleaner_Admin) will probably give you a better and more authoritative answer than mine, from Monday onwards.
    Hope this helps.
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