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  1. We have - and also my engineer friend went into registry. We don't need it- its just I've never been beaten by a problem & with even no help or a great start like you gave me - I've solved my problems before- this one is just annoying me and it's tantilizing - but I'm expecting to stop think of it now that the good weather is here. PS I tried one afternoon through driver by driver through ms config.
  2. There were 3 problems. You helped me with icon - all is ok. Solved. 1st Aid - it requires too much time and your other products do a great job- i deleted -don't need it.(in essence solved). The Free Cell is apparently on Win 7 ,unlike XP, is not fixable or connected to your software. It is available on sites like 123 solotaire & agin is -nothing against you - unsolveable. My expert engineer where I buy computers,etc , My Son in Law an IT Specialist,(Gov. Level) & all the teenagers I can find- none could fix it. MS themselves offers no assotance. Ty Mike
  3. Now on XP problem with 1st aid doesn't open at all. But shows the thing from wise better? Will repeat on other post.
  4. This is closest to what I was fighting with - found it on XP. Hope it shows. If not I'll try to open & screen shoot. It opens with 'word.' Document.rtf
  5. I followed the link - top of two as in #16 above. Led me to all the menu icons ~~~ gave me the chance to remove ms icons - then I removed the documents ,etc - then found the wise cleaner. I deleted it, the corrupted one -then opened the program -selected icon and sent to start menu & task bar. After that I was able to remove the corrupted icon- not an icon - & now I can't find one --- white rectangle with like 3 buttons in colour - I f I do I'll send. Then when I removed from start menu - everything lined up. All is working and few several tries & reboots. Once you led me to the 'path' I knew where I was. And all is good. TY Mike
  6. C:\programdata\microsoft\windows\start menu\programs From this the icon is fixed -all problem solved. TY Mike
  7. I'm taking your time on two posts and I have a project on flu to finish by 17h. I'll try everything and get back- no urgenies here. We don't have the CD. I have grand kids coming too. But will do or redo all and get back to you. I get the screen shot & attach. part now -so will try to document. TY Mike If it would be easier for you- I'll invite you on to my computer through Team Viewer or your choice. NOTE AS OF 14h44 ET my other post is solved. Icon is ok -see that topic. So above notice (free cell is all that's open).
  8. I'd been there twice & went to event viewer again. Can't find it. You realize I'm talking about the FREE CELL solitaire that comes with Win 7?
  9. Always as administrator. UAC ? My first computer was much simpler- see pic.
  10. OK - while playing -not always same point a window comes up & says that - exe. has crashed windows will try to fix.* (it can't fix it) Tried 1st Aid - now windo says -!st aid can not fix this.* * both accurate if not word for word.
  11. During game we're told freecll.exe being fixed - but windows can't fix. Then tried first aid & got window saying 1st aid not working Operating system:Windows 7 Professional (64 bit) Service Pack 1 System root: C:\Windows Available physical memory: 3063 MB CPU: Intel® Pentium® 4 CPU 3.20GHz Drive Info: C: 74.43 GB Internet Explorer: 11.0
  12. Exactly - it changed from the blue shield to the white thing. It will open program but can't be moved, deleted or changed in any way -nor copied, placed on desktop or pinned to taskbar. IIt has replaced the icon. I did 3 downloads and it happened every time. This has nothappened to any other program at all including CCleaner , Speccy, 1st Aid etc.
  13. This is type of file (icon) replacing wise 365 on Start Menu, on my laptop Win 7 Pro . TY Mike Sorry, you need to make bigger, by a click.- the 3 samples are outlined in red circle.
  14. BTW Firefox 30. How can I add a picture here. I forget what it's called- but a white box looks like a 3 button calculator. TY Mike
  15. Your form wouldn't ask it from me - so it took it, itself. I'll try again.
  16. This is from start menu & can't get onto desk top. See icon in red lines Operating system:Windows 7 Professional (32 bit) Service Pack 1 System root: C:\Windows Available physical memory: 2038 MB CPU: Genuine Intel® CPU T2400 @ 1.83GHz Drive Info: C: 465.66 GB Internet Explorer: 11.0
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